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Jobe Yellow Jacket Sluice Boxes (36" OR 45")
Jobe Yellow Jacket Sluice Boxes (36" OR 45")Jobe Yellow Jacket Sluice Boxes (36" OR 45")Jobe Yellow Jacket Sluice Boxes (36" OR 45")
Jobe Yellow Jacket Sluice Boxes (36" OR 45")
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Regular price:$129.95
Sale price:$105.00
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Product Description:

If YELLOW JACKET SLUICE BOXES are sold out or have a long lead time, please consider the following Keene Sluices a52 sluice box, or the Keene a51 sluice box

Yellow Jacket Stream Sluice boxes by JOBE Prospecting. Choose from two sluice box sizes IN THE DROP DOWN MENU. The larger 45" sluice with flare is $24 additional.

* New! * Depth of box increased to 4 inches. Sluice box riffles have also been recently further improved with a new zinc chromate finish providing even more durability. As a result of this improvement the color of the riffles may differ from the picture.

* NEW! * a section of diamond cut raised aluminum has been added for enhanced fine gold recovery.

The ideal prospecting tool for the "weekend miner" to the "professional gold prospector." Sluice boxes produce quantities of gold concentrates ten times faster than hand panning.

The riffles are designed for superior recovery under different water and gravel conditions. The first few riffles are stream riffles to make it easier for the water to start to move the material, followed by classic Hungarian riffles to enhance recovery if greater water volume is available.

The body of these sluice boxes are aluminum and the riffles are powder coated steel for great durability and lighter weight.

Each sluice-box includes a section of ribbed black rubber matting for instant gold recognition. Add the optional miners moss to increase your fine gold recovery even more. You can order miners moss in various sizes below.

The riffle latching system is centered for quicker and easier cleanup.

The riffles have been recently improved with a new zinc chromate finish for years of durable service.

Accessories are available to convert the 45 inch sluice into a power highbanker or a hand dredge. (Special order)

Choose your preferred size below.

The 45 inch yellow jacket sluicebox has a removable bolt on flare so you can adjust to different water flow conditions. Use the flare for slower moving water.

The JOBE 36 inch Yellow Jacket Stream Sluice is 10 inches wide and 36 inches long weighing a very light 8 pounds. Great for backpacking!

Order early - subject to back order. Please note: yellow highlight coating on riffles has been changed to a new improved zinc chromate finish.

Also available as an option is a strong steel adjustable sluice box stand. Running your sluice box at the proper angle is vital for best gold recovery. The legs of the optional sluice box stand adjust for any terrain so that you can easily keep the correct slope (angle) for getting the most gold. Don't be afraid to experiment with different angles. You can quickly test and tweak the sluice box for optimal conditions wherever you set up. Finer gold generally responds better to decreased water flow - allowing more time for it to settle out of the moving water. Larger gold can drop at a steeper angle allowing you to run more water through the box and thus process more material and reduce your final cleanup. A good rule of thumb is to set the box at about 1" drop per foot of sluicebox. This is a good starting point for most sluice box angle set ups.

Optional Sluice Extension (Sold Separately) The sluice extension trough replaces the flare on the JOBE 6504 OR Keene A52 Sluice Box. It straightens out the sluice so you can use it as a dredge, power sluice, highbanker, etc.

A52 OR JOBE6504 Hand Sluice Extension Component $25 (K-STE)


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