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(reader submitted tip)

Heres How You Do It

Go to your local Home Depot or Lowes Purchase these items.

1, 1x3"x 8' pine board. 1, 8' length or 4"dia corrugated plastice flexible drain pipe "not perforated". 1, small pack of flat head wood screws #10 in size.

Now go to Walmart into the Sporting goods dept and purchase a 12vlt boat bilge pump 750 model. You now have all of the ingredients to build your Henry "Poop" Tube. NOW FOR THE ASSEMBLY...

Cut the 8' 1x3" pine board in half into 2, 4' peices. Use one peice save the other. Cut the 8' length of corrugated drain pipe into 2, 4' peices. Save one use the other. Now take the 4' of drain pipe you are using and split in to 2 halves, by splitting it length wise. Take one of the halves of the drain pipe and screw it onto the 1x3"x4' pine board. Put the screws into the bottom of the corrugated riffles, 1 every 6" will do nicely. Now take the other split half and set it on top of the one you screwed down onto the pine board and snap it in place. NOW YOU HAVE BUILT A BASIC HENRY "POOP" TUBE...

You can now use it in a creek or stream to work out your concentrates and fine flour Gold.

You can add on the bilge pump with a stop valve and some garden hose and by using a couple of 5 gallon buckets you can recycle your water and use the Henry Poop Tube at home.


Remember to set up the elevation from top to bottom at 1" [one inch] per/linear foot of Henry "Poop" Tube. NOW...Adjust your water flow so the tube doesn't load up with blondes or blows out all of the material leaving the riffles empty. Using a scoop from those dry soap detergent boxes is perfect to feed the tube. Load the tube 1 [one] scoop at a time allowing it to clear before loading again. Look for all of the Free Gold and Snuffer it out every chance you get. Remember to classify your cons down to #20 mesh for use in the Poop Tube. Larger than #20 mesh you can pan out easily with either a 14" pan or 10" finishing pan.

You now have one of the most DEPENDABLE TOOLS IN YOUR PROSPECTING SUPPLY BIN... Total cost to build one is less than $30 and total time to assemble one is less than 2 hours.


Gold Prospecting - FREE TIPS
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Gold Prospecting - FREE TIPS

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