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Dredge Header Box by Jobe
Dredge Header Box by JobeDredge Header Box by Jobe
Dredge Header Box by Jobe
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(SOLD OUT) JOBE Dredge Header Box (also known as a crashbox)

If sold out, please see these dredge header box.

Converts your stream sluice box into a 1.5". 2 inch or 2.5 inch dredge. Choose the correct size for your needs in the drop down menu next to the order button. Dredge Header Box shown in second picture with Jobe 45 stream sluice and leg kit (not included).

Weight is approx 5 lbs.

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Dredge Header Box features all precision laser cut aluminum construction.

Increase your gold. Convert your 10 inch wide sluice box into a 1.5", 2" or 2.5" dredge box and start moving a lot more material! More dirt moved equals greater chance of more gold. Why bother with shoveling or carrying the dirt to your sluice just one bucket at a time, try dredging the material instead to find more gold.

Works on the JOBE 45 Yellow Jacket sluice, the Keene A52 sluice, or most any brand 10 inch wide sluice box. This is for the header box only - Motor, pump, adapter, and sluice not included and available separately or as a discounted package. Weighs only 5 pounds.

The mounting holes are pre-cut to bolt onto the JOBE yellow jacket sluice and the JOBE sluice stand. Mounting to the Keene A52 sluice or similar box just requires two 1/4" holes to be drilled on the sides of the header box.

Choose your size 1.5", 2" or 2.5" in the drop down box above.

Pump, suction nozzle and other dredge attachments not included - this is for the dredge header box only.

Dredge Suction Nozzles
Price: $155.00
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