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Rock Tumbling and Gem Polishing Supplies

Get great results on all your Rock and Gem Stone Polishing needs with our featured Rock Tumblers by Lortone,

Lortone rock tumblers and polishers are the best in the industry. They are reliable and priced reasonably. We offer models from 1.5 lbs up to 12 lbs capacity and each features a molded rubber barrel with a sure-seal closure. Each is quiet, sturdy, simple to operate, and gives excellent results. We stock both single and doubled barreled rock tumblers. These quality rock polishing units are also perfect for jewelry tumbling.

Small Rock Tumblers:
Our small tumblers are perfect for those just getting started in tumbling and ideal for smaller items. Designed for years of trouble-free service and U.L. listed for safety.

Large Rock-Tumblers
Larger capacity tumblers boast the same outstanding performance as our smaller tumblers. Perfect for larger items and moderate production use. Featuring heavy-duty motors and welded steel frames for reliable operation.


Best rocks to tumble?

Some types of rocks do not tumble as well as others. The best rocks for tumbling should be as solid as possible, have a somewhat smooth texture, and be free from large cracks. Jasper, Agate, quartz, and obsidian rocks are usually excellent choices for rock tumbling and will produce good results.

What can you do with your polished tumbled rocks?

Many people make neat jewelry items with their new tumbled stones. Some easy to make items from tumbled stones include: earrings, key-chains, rings and tie-tacks. Tumbled stones also have many decorative uses. Try placing some in your potted plants, or perhaps craft one of a kind refrigerator magnets. Putting a bunch around a place setting or candle can make an otherwise boring item look great. Don't forget the endless gift possibilities too.


Rock & Gem Tumblers
Vibratory Tumbler (tv-5) by Raytech
Gemstone Tumbling Mix - Rough  (per lb)
Rock & Gem Tumblers

Vibratory Tumbler (tv-5) by Raytech

Gemstone Tumbling Mix - Rough (per lb)

$15.00, 5/$65.00, 10/$120.00

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