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Gold Leaf Vial in Treasure Chest - Gift Box (SOLD OUT)
Gold Leaf Vial in Treasure Chest - Gift Box (SOLD OUT)Gold Leaf Vial in Treasure Chest - Gift Box (SOLD OUT)
Gold Leaf Vial in Treasure Chest - Gift Box (SOLD OUT)
Item #:rh-treasure-chest-gift-box
Regular price:$14.95
Sale price:$8.95, 3/$24.00
Availability:Contact us for availability
Product Description:
Miniature Wooden TREASURE CHESTS make attractive gift boxes and each includes one of our gold leaf vials inside. A wonderful gift to give or keep.

EACH WOODEN TREASURE CHEST measures approx. 2.5" x 1.5" x 1.5", and is trimmed with various brass accents. Sizes will vary from batch to batch. Occasionally some treasure chests will even be nicely cloth lined inside, though this does vary from batch to batch.

The gold leaf vials are approx. 1.5" x .5" in diameter. Box designs may vary slightly from batch to batch so we can't guarantee all will match perfectly. But we will do our best in selecting closest matching pieces for you.

Grab a bunch - and save on freight.

Low shipping by priority mail. Also see our other gold leaf products inlcuding our giant 6 inch gold leaf bottle.

SALE! Order 3 gold treasure gift box and gold vial combos and save extra - low shipping rate.

Please remember- this is a gold "leaf" product - it is hammered super thin so that it can be suspended in oil. It is meant for decorative use only and is not to be confused with gold suitable for panning or investing - it's for display and fun only. No, you cannot pan with it - it will collapse when out of the suspension liquid. For real panning gold please see our natural gold nuggets section or our paydirt section

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