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12 volt submersible pumps
12 volt submersible pumps
12 volt submersible pumps
Item #:mayfair-12v-pump
Regular price:$25.00
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Availability:Usually ships in 3-4 business days
Product Description:
Mayfair / Johnson 12 volt submersible pumps have powerful permanent magnet motors and 3/4" discharge. These little workhorses are the standard pumps used on gold wheels, mini-sluices and recirculating systems. Made in USA. 12 month warranty. 500 gph unit draws 2 amps; 750 gph unit draws 2.6 amps; 1000 gph unit draws 4.5 amps. Warranty does not cover excessive use or running the unit without proper water levels.

OPTIONAL: Also consider adding a bucket pump bracket - very helpful in keeping sediment out of your pump for longer life. Attaches to the inside of any 5 gallon bucket and suspends your pump off the bottom. Order it at the link above, or add it from the drop down menu with your 12 volt water pump. $12.95

Choose pump size from drop down menu.

j-5153 MAYFAIR or JOHNSON 500 Gallon Per Hour Pump $25

j-5152 MAYFAIR or JOHNSON 750 Gallon Per Hour Pump $35

j-5151 MAYFAIR or JOHNSON 1000 Gallon Per Hour Pump $45

MAYFAIR or JOHNSON 1250 GPH Pump 11/8 inch discharge

Up to 1250 gallons per hour with a 1 1/8th inch discharge line. Three year factory warranty. Perfect for your larger capacity recirculating projects. This is the replacement pump for the Gold Buddy II, and V1250 Mini Highbankers. The 1 1/8 inch hose is commonly available as it is used in swimming pools and hot tubs.

J-5149 $55

Flexible water hose is available below by the foot. Enter number of feet needed when ordering hose. Price is by the foot.

Note: these items are subject to unannounced backorder.

Flexible Water Hose
Price: $1.95
Choose Hose diameter: 
Flexible water hose is available below by the foot. Enter number of feet needed when ordering hose. Price is by the foot.
You may also like:

Flexible Water HoseFlexible Water HoseHOSE ACCESSORY FOR OUR 12 VOLT WATER PUMPS

3/4 Inch and 1 1/8 inch Flexible Marine Hose (PRICE IS PER FOOT) Choose desired size from drop down menu. Max length for 1 1/8" size is 9 feet.

Use this hose for the Mayfair cartridge water pumps. Very light and very flexible - "just the ticket for your project". This hose is ribbed, but has collars ever 12" Cut to any length you need from 12" to 25'. Also used in our Blue Bowl concentrator package.

$1.95 per foot for 3/4 and $2.95 for larger 1 1/8"

(PRICE IS PER FOOT - use quantity box to enter how many feet you need)

Hose is a special order item and is subject to back order.

Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days

Choose Hose diameter: 
Battery Clips - 25 ampBattery Clips - 25 ampPair of battery clips (one red and one black) large enough to grip a full size automobile battery terminal. Approximately 3 inch in length.

Availability: Usually ships in 5-7 business days

Extension Cord Kit 12 Volt, 15'  (SOLD OUT)Extension Cord Kit 12 Volt, 15' (SOLD OUT)Cord kit comes complete with a 15 foot piece of wire attached to a male cigarette plug on one end and a female socket on the other. It also has a pair of battery clips.

By removing either the plug or socket and attaching the battery clips you can rig the extension cord up to work for your application.


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