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Drop Riffle ABS Sluice Box 10" x 38"  (SOLD OUT)
Drop Riffle ABS Sluice Box 10" x 38"  (SOLD OUT)Drop Riffle ABS Sluice Box 10" x 38"  (SOLD OUT)Drop Riffle ABS Sluice Box 10" x 38"  (SOLD OUT)
Drop Riffle ABS Sluice Box 10" x 38" (SOLD OUT)
Item #:castreamsluice
Regular price:$79.95
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Product Description:
Our ABS sluices use a drop riffle design for faster cleaning action and provide higher production levels so you can process more gold bearing material in a day. More material run equals more gold in your sluice box!

Drop Riffle Stream Sluice measures approx: 10"x 38"
10 3/4" across the top and 9 3/4" across the bottom This box can also drop into a standard A-52 style aluminum sluice box if you desire.

This stream sluice box is made from durable ABS plastic to take years of abuse from your prospecting activities. Light weight, easy to use, and even easier to clean out. This drop riffle sluice box utilizes the same drop riffle technology as our famous bucket sluice concentrator and our larger high bankers.

These drop riffles work just like the natural cracks in the bed rock.

All material must fall into the riffles because of gravity. The lighter waste material quickly flushes away and out of the box leaving the heavier material (gold) behind.

Drop riffle sluice boxes are intended to be used a bit differently than the old style Hungarian riffle sluices. When running a drop riffle sluice box the best practice is to run the box as flat as possible. Just set an angle that never allows the sand to just sit on the slick plates between the riffles. The flatter you run the sluice box the better the recovery rate on fine gold will be.

Water flow on drop riffle sluice boxes needs to be a bit higher than the old style boxes due to this flatter angle. Watch the sand in the riffles... when you have the proper water flow, you will see the sand dancing around within the riffles .Do not try to adjust the box to run the riffles completely clean! The heavy material within the riffles works much like jig shot, which allows the gold and heavies to fall through the suspended material and allows the lighter material to just float right past.

About the manufacturer:

"We manufacture ABS plastic gold prospecting equipment and mining equipment parts for the D.I.Y. (do it yourself) gold prospector.

We utilize today's High Tech plastics in the production of our equipment. Our production line uses state of the art thermoforming machines and we sell our products at old fashioned prices.

We ourselves are gold prospectors, with over 35 years of recreational and commercial mining under our belt. We design all of our equipment from the ground up! We start from C.A.D. drawings, then our engineers use C.N.C. mills and hand tool our molds for all of our products. Each item is extensively field tested and revised to yield the best results in your endeavors at gold recovery. Our company is based on the belief that our customers' needs are of the utmost importance. Our entire team is committed to meeting those needs. As a result, a high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals."

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