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Bucket Sluice Concentrator (SOLD OUT)
Bucket Sluice Concentrator (SOLD OUT)Bucket Sluice Concentrator (SOLD OUT)Bucket Sluice Concentrator (SOLD OUT)Bucket Sluice Concentrator (SOLD OUT)
Bucket Sluice Concentrator (SOLD OUT)
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Product Description:
SOLD OUT - The Bucket Sluice Concentrator will help you make short work of your black sand concentrates. It is designed and made by real gold prospectors for gold prospectors. Drop riffle sluice is made from heavy duty ABS plastic and measures a very compact 24" x 5" x 3". Super easy to set up, operate, and transport.

A word from the mfg:

My father always told me to "Keep it simple and affordable"

So here you go, This is not just another piece of rain gutter called a concentrator ! I have spent years developing this design. The materials used in the construction of my equipment are all top of the line, and manufactured on state of the art modern thermoforming machinery.

Here in California we had the need for a black sand concentrator that would recover gold in it's many forms, from nuggets, pickers, flake, and even flat flakes to -100 mesh gold dust.

The new Bucket Sluice Gold Concentrator is the answer for us all.... The specially designed drop riffles allow for easier and faster gold recovery than you could ever hope to do with a gutter sluice or panning by hand. It even beats out a lot of the other much more expensive gold recovery equipment.

The Bucket Sluice Concentrator is made from ABS plastic to take the abuse of your gold mining activities. The light weight plastic allows for a small harmonic vibration to be generated by the water flowing down the unit. This vibration settles the gold to the bottom of the riffles and allows lighter material to come to the top and wash away. The drop riffle system is fast cleaning yet reduces the upward turbulence within the sluice box. The drop riffle design acts just like a natural crack in the bed rock to capture nuggets and fine gold. Conventional Hungarian sluice riffle designs are not very effective for black sand clean up, as they just launch the fine gold back into the waste dirt and ends up losing much of the finer gold out the end of the sluice.

Bucket Sluice can be operated using less water than other cleanup methods on the market. Allowing you to save money by using a cheaper fountain or sump pump to process your black sand concentrates. The drop riffle design sluice will operate fine using pumps of 200 - 1000 gph. I connect a female garden hose fitting to the unit for a water connection. If you prefer a different fitting just ask - we may be able to help.

You may operate this unit either by the use of a water pump while out prospecting or just by a garden hose when you are at home.

Notice in the photos that the gold is only in the first three riffles, if you find gold past the first three riffles, just slow the water flow down a bit and keep processing your paydirt.

Sorry, the gold and bucket are not included with the concentrator. Traditional 5 gallon buckets are available at any hardware store for just a couple dollars.

Bucket sluice measures: 24" x 5" x 3" MADE IN AMERICA

This drop riffle clean up sluice is extremely popular and often sells out as soon as they come in. Please allow time for back orders. WE WILL SHIP AS SOON AS WE HAVE STOCK.

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