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3-in-1 Multi-Function HATCHET, HAMMER, PRY BAR
3-in-1 Multi-Function HATCHET, HAMMER, PRY BAR3-in-1 Multi-Function HATCHET, HAMMER, PRY BAR
3-in-1 Multi-Function HATCHET, HAMMER, PRY BAR
Item #:sn881ma
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Sale price:$9.95
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Product Description:
3-in-1 Universal Emergency Survival Hatchet Hammer Pry Bar Utility Tool

This ugly but highly functional black 13 inch multi-function tool with a rubberized handle can be used as a hatchet (axe), prybar/crowbar, or hammer.

This unique multi-tool features a hatchet, hammer, and pry bar. It is one solid single piece of steel, making it extra durable. The long padded handle provides a comfortable, effective grip.

As this tool is so versatile, it is great for any situation. Handy to have around the home, garage, boat, camping, even in your car for emergencies. It is compact and lightweight enough that you could take it with you backpacking.

While its rough edges may not be pretty, this tool is sturdy and will get the job done. No emergency kit is complete without this tool!


This review is from: 3-in-1 Universal Emergency Survival Hatchet Hammer Pry Bar Utility Tool

I got this as a option for a camping hammer and one that could be used in a car accident to break glass or get out of a vehicle. I said it is ugly and well it is...That being said it is how ever very well put together. It has everything it claims. 1. Hammer area for hammering tent spikes or breaking out a window of a car if your trapped inside. 2. pry bar - which will work good for prying open things and pulling nails. 3. Hatchet- not razor sharp not that you would want one razor sharp but one that could be sharpened to your own standards. 4. rubberized Handle- the handle is coated with a rubber so it makes for a not to jarring grip when using it. For the price you cant really ask for more.

Great Bug Out tool

This little tool is great for bugging out/camping ...much as I would hate to end up in the cold dark woods, I'd feel glad knowing a had a tool to drive in tent stakes and break up firewood. Paint job is a little shoddy but it's not designed to win a beauty contest.

Heavy Duty - bargain price

This hatchet is smaller than I expected but this is actually a plus because it is easy to carry in a small bag or backpack. It is very strong and I believe it will accomplish most any task for which it was used without the head snapping off. It is truly multi-finctional. The hammer for pounding in stakes, the pry bar for getting things loose, the hatchet - not as sharp as I would have liked but sharp enough to put a large split in anything you hit with it. And enough of a well padded handle to get a good grip and maintain good leverage. For what you get the price is most excellent. So I would have to recommend it, as long as it meets your requirements.

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