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Sucker Bottle (snifter snuffer bottle for gold)
Sucker Bottle (snifter snuffer bottle for gold)
Item #:gbs1
Regular price:$3.95, 2/$7.00
Availability:Usually ships in 2-3 business days
Product Description:
A basic gold snuffer bottle. Also known as a sucker or snifter bottle.

Perfect for extracting gold from from pans. So Easy to use, simply squeeze the bottle and use the suction to grab the gold.

Features an extra long spout. Holds approx. 4oz.

Suction even the finest gold particles from your pan or sluice

Fine spout targets individual flakes

Durable plastic body for years of use.
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Basic Snuffer Bottle for GoldBasic Snuffer Bottle for GoldSNUFFER / SUCKER FUNNEL BOTTLE

The "SNUFFER FUNNEL BOTTLE" or sucker bottle as its sometimes known acts as a hand-held vacuum sucking the gold out of your pan when the plastic bottle is squeezed and released. Your gold is safely stored until you want to remove it from the bottle.

Gold Recovery Tip: order a couple of our sucker "sniffer" bottles and cut the end tip off one for easier recovery of larger gold. Or try one of our plastic suction tweezer pipettes (order below) for very fine gold recovery.

Shipping by priority mail - order up to 3 snuffer bottles and pay same rate as one.

Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days

snuffer-bottle-j5001Regular price: $4.00Sale price: $3.25, 2/$6.00
Plastic Suction Tweezers  - for fine gold  ($0 S+H)Plastic Suction Tweezers - for fine gold ($0 S+H)PLASTIC SUCTION TWEEZERS (pipettes)
Pack of One

These pipettes are great for sucking up the finest of gold. Just 50 cents each in quantities of 10 or more.

Polypropylene pipette tweezers make it easy to pick-up even the finest gold out of your gold pan. Similar to a snuffer bottle but better suited for delicate work or very fine gold. This item is icluded in our original gold panning kit.

Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days

suctiontweezers-j5003Regular price: $1.50Sale price: $0.99, 3/$1.80, 10/$5.00

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