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Gold Cube Trommel
Gold Cube TrommelGold Cube Trommel
Gold Cube Trommel
Item #:cube-trommel
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Product Description:
Improved Gold Cube Trommel! Save time and process more material faster with a trommel built specifically for the gold cube!

New for 2020: Now the spray bar is on the outside of the barrel allowing more area inside the barrel!

New for 2016: includes the addition of a chute at the end of the drum, and a new configuration of the trommel spray bar which will help reduce rock jams.

Please note: this is for the trommel only. The gold cube is not included. You may order a gold cube separately here.

The Gold Cube Trommel is built well and is designed to fit right on top of your Gold Cube. the trommel uses the 1100gph pump which comes with your gold cube. the trommel does not include a pump. Some miners will use a higher 2000 gph pump.

Please note: videos and pics may show the older model with spray bars on the interior. The current model has been improved and only ships with spray bars on the exterior.

Trommel runs on 12 volts and needs a minimal amount of power while retro fitting to your existing pump. The Gold Cube Trommel has a pitch adjuster to provide slow to fast material movement so you can use it on the beach as well as the creek. The hopper has a sprayer as well as on the barrel, so cleaning your material is automatic while providing the proper amount of water to the Gold Cube.

It comes with all the necessary mounting equipment and installs in just a few minutes with a drill. The Trommel can also be taken off when you want to use the cube as is or with a Gold Banker.

Gold Cube Trommel Features:

Low energy 12v gear motor
3/16th Punch Plate
Adjustable pitch
Extremely well built
Mounting template included

When to use a higher gph pump with your trommel:

Gold cube has used a 2000gph pump successfully in Michigan when they ran Black sands and for anytime they encountered heavier material to run in the Gold Cube. Both the 1100gph and 2000gph pumps work just fine.

The trommel does not come with a pump. You will be using the pump that came with your Gold Cube unless you upgrade to the bigger pump and get it after your Gold Cube purchase.

NOTE: You do need to pay attention if you are using a 2000 gph Pump. Depending on the material consistency and density, there is a possibility you may be run too much water for the material and blow out some of the finer your gold. Faster is not always better in gold recovery, so test your recovery and try it with the smaller pump first.

To test the water flow, take a 5/8" diameter wooden dowel and cut it to 10" long. Take the dowel and let it roll down the water tray. It will stop and make a dam at the bottom of the tray. You would then turn on the 2000 gph pump and watch how the water flows in the water tray. If the water rises and spills out the edges of the tray, you have too much water for the Gold Cube. It is helpful to use a dial down (ball valve or similar) switch on the hose and then you can use that to reduce the water flow so the water stays in the tray. Then once you have the water adjusted, remove the dowel, and get to work.

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