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Falcon Md20 Probe Metal Detector
Falcon Md20 Probe Metal DetectorFalcon Md20 Probe Metal DetectorFalcon Md20 Probe Metal DetectorFalcon Md20 Probe Metal Detector
Falcon Md20 Probe Metal Detector
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Product Description:
The Falcon MD20 Metal Detector Pinpointer is a very lightweight and inexpensive, yet high quality gold detector. It is extremely sensitive to very small gold, much smaller than can be detected with most normal nugget detectors.

The Falcon pinpointer gold detector can find particles of gold barely visible with the human eye.

With sensitivity as small as 2/100 of a grain, the Falcon can basically detect any gold visible to the human eye. The MD20 pinpointer only has two controls, making it very easy to operate, compared with other gold detectors.

For very small gold the effective scanning area is about an inch wide by and inch deep. Larger gold may be detected a bit deeper, but very small gold is really what this unit is made for. You would therefore not use the Falcon like a regular nugget detector. It excels at its specific intended use which is finding very tiny gold targets.

Two of the Falcon probes's best applications are scanning quartz samples for enclosed gold, and tracing crevices in bedrock for gold sniping. The unit could pay for itself quickly just in a crevicing operation.

The Falcon MD20 comes complete with control box and waterproof handheld probe. The unit has a built-in speaker, but may also be used with 1/8" jack headphones (not included). The Falcon Gold Probe comes complete with a one year mfg. limited warranty.

Add the optional MD20 handle and holster combo for $25 - (use the drop down menu to order).

Improved MD20 Model - More Sensitivity!

All Metal Motion Mode Detection - Unit must be moving slightly to detect targets

Automatic Ground balance helps maintain stable operation

Extreme sensitivity to gold smaller than can be detected by standard metal detectors Waterproof handheld probe with 5 foot cable.

Control box is 5" x 1 1/2" x 2 1/2" and entire unit weighs only 1 1/2 pounds. The control box weighs only 12 ounces!

Detection is indicated by an audio tone by speaker or optional headphones

Uses two standard 9V batteries (included). Rechargeable batteries are not recommended Average Battery life of 40-50 hours

One Year Limited Mfg Warranty. The Falcon MD20 Detector Probe is 20% more powerful than the MD10 and able to detect gold so small its barely visible to the naked eye. The MD20 Detector is designed with a water proof probe on a 5 foot cable. Can be used with three piece handle (optional) in hard to get to places.

Falcon History: Falcon metal detectors have been available for over 16 years. The Falcon MD8 was first produced in Montrose, CO for the specific purpose of finding ultra fine gold and gold bearing material.

Currently produced in Mesa, AZ, the most popular Falcon model, the MD20, has become the mining industry standard for electronic probes and pinpointers of all kinds. Its high frequency of 300 kHz and unique electronic design have given it unique ability to find super fine gold particles that other detectors and probes cannot find. The Falcon can find particles of gold barely visible with the human eye.

The Falcon's superior ability to detect gold, silver, copper, platinum and other valuable metals in rock formations provide the prospector with a tool unavailable until now. Historically, tailings piles were created by miners selecting good ore from "worthless rocks" by sight alone. Millions of dollars of valuable ore were discarded because the miner couldn't see the metal!! Those metals are still lying in those tailings piles waiting for someone with the electronic sight of a Falcon.

Falcon Metal Detectors is now announcing the newest member of the family, the MD20 With improved sensitivity and more power, the MD20 series of Falcons will give the modern prospector the ability to find gold in places never before detectable. Small enough to fit in you pocket and rugged enough to be used in the field, the MD20 will be a necessary tool for every serious prospector.

While designed with the gold prospector in mind, the Falcon has found many other metal detecting uses, such as:

  • Hobby - Pinpointing coins and jewelry without touching them
  • Medical - Locating metal fragments in the body
  • Construction - Locating covered up nail heads
  • Food& Service - Scanning for metal fragments
  • Wood Working - Finding metals before damaging blades
  • Many others where small metal pieces need to be detected.

PLEASE NOTE: The falcon is in very high demand presently and is subject to frequent, unannounced back orders. Please plan ahead and order early. DELAYS OF 1-2 WEEKS ARE NOT UNUSUAL IN PEAK SEASON.

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Minelab Pro-Find-35 Pin Pointer Minelab Pro-Find-35 Pin Pointer The Minelab PRO-FIND Series pin pointers help you to accurately locate targets inside a small hole or crevice where a metal detector coil cannot fit. This results in smaller holes, less environmental disruption and faster target recovery time.

Minelab Pro Find 35 Features:

Ferrous Tone ID Two different responses help you to identify ferrous junk from nonferrous treasure. Great to use with non-discriminating detectors.

Waterproof to 3 m (10-ft) Rugged waterproof design ideal for beach and river pinpointing. The perfect companion for a waterproof detector.

Audio & vibration indication Audio tones and vibration intensify as the probe approaches the target making target recovery easier, especially underwater!

Adjustable sensitivity Five sensitivity levels allow you to precisely adjust for maximum depth and minimum noise in all ground conditions. Easily adjustable with separate +/– buttons

High visibility – with lost-alarm The PRO-FIND’s bright yellow handgrip is clearly visible for easy location, so you won’t leave it behind after you dig. Quickly locate your forgotten pinpointer with the handy lost-alarm.

Holster & lanyard included A lanyard and a tough, semi-rigid holster that attaches to any belt will keep your PRO-FIND at the read

PRO-FIND 35 Includes:

PRO-FIND 35 pinpointer
9V PP3 battery
Multi-language instructions

Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days

pro-find-35Regular price: $165.00Sale price: $129.00

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