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Digital Scale for Gold Nuggets (0.1g gram accuracy)  (SOLD OUT)
Digital Scale for Gold Nuggets (0.1g gram accuracy)  (SOLD OUT)Digital Scale for Gold Nuggets (0.1g gram accuracy)  (SOLD OUT)
Digital Scale for Gold Nuggets (0.1g gram accuracy) (SOLD OUT)
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Regular price:$49.95
Sale price:$39.95
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(SOLD OUT) Pocket size "DigiWeigh" digital scale for weighing gold nuggets, gems, and jewelry. 3 models available: 1st Weighs accurately up to 150 grams, 2nd weighs up to 250 grams with 1/10th gram (0.1g) accuracy in grams (g), ounces, troy ounces, or pennyweight (dwt). A larger capacity 600 gram scale is also available as an option (see drop down menu to select. If you want an even more accurate 100th gram .01g scale please see our .01 gram jewelry scale. Please note: this scale has been redesigned and improved recently and may vary a bit from the picture.

Nugget scale includes tare function and auto power off. This scale even has a ltd mfg. 10 year warranty! Smaller scale requires two AAA batteries which are included. Larger scale uses 4 batteries also included. Digital auto calibration requires optional calibration weight which is not included.

3 key simple operation
pocket size
Batteries included!!
Tare Function
150 or 250 or 600 Gram Capacity
1/10th gram accuracy (0.1g)
Auto-power-off function to save battery life (60 seconds)
Reads in Grams, Ounces, Troy Ounces & Penny Weights
Tare Function

10 Year limited mfg Warranty - please contact mfg for returns and service only. We do not service these unites here.

Gram scale is great for any of the following applications and more.

Laboratory use
Medical/Clinical use
Weighing noble metals like gold
Weighing medicines and herbs
Weighing gems and semi-precious stones
Diet scale for diabetics / weight watchers

A highly accurate digiweigh pocket gram scale at a bargain price.

Weighing Boats (tray for scale) 5 Pack
Price: $2.95, 2/$5.00
Scale Calibration Weights
Regular price: $5.95Sale price: $4.95
Choose weights: 

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