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Deluxe Coin Apron
Deluxe Coin Apron
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(SOLD OUT) - See below for alternative detector pouch

Deluxe Coin Apron by Jimmy Sierra

I came up with the idea for my Deluxe Coin Apron on our first trip detecting in England. It was born out of necessity.

Never had I dug so many targets in a given period of time. Relics and pieces of relics of all sorts, and ancient and modern coins. There was a fair share of recognizable trash, but much of the unidentifiable objects had to be kept until the end of the day for verification by the experts.

I watched as my fellow hunters' pouches, mine as well, overflowed from the brim. Every bend from the waist, as the day progressed, deposited some part of our "treasures" on the ground.

Then it came to me' there was nothing in the construction of my pouch to keep it from opening up like a teapot. That is when I got the idea of a membrane divider sewn down the middle of the pouch, dividing it into to compartments and preventing it from dumping open.

I took the idea to Steve Blankenship of Desert Moon Products, who builds our cordura items and Voila! The Deluxe Coin Apron became a reality.

We used the two large sections to divide the good trash from the bad trash.

The back panel is made of tough cordura for strength and to help the apron hold its shape.

The front and sides are made from strong but lightweight nylon fabric.

The two deep, roomy pockets stay open so you can get your hands inside or drop a large object in without fumbling around.

Nothing falls out when you bend over and it doesn't feel big or bulky.

I added a large outside pocket with full zipper to stow special finds for safe keeping. It is even large enough for wallet, keys or extra batteries.

I call it an "apron" because it has its own adjustable belt attached with a strong nylon buckle.

A digging pouch born of necessity and very well done.

Two large sections divide good "trash" from bad

Two deep, roomy pockets you can get your hands in

Nothing falls out when you bend over

Tough cordura and strong, lightweight nylon

Large outside pocket with full zipper
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Durable 600 Denier Nylon
Size 11" x 11-1/2"
Fits Belt Size: 38 "- 48"
Waist Support 23-1/2" x 3"
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One Large Zipper Pouch to Secure findings
2Pc, 3" Carabiner are included

Tools shown are for illustration and are not included.

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