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Keene 2.5 inch Dredge 12" box (FREE SHIPPING)
Keene 2.5 inch Dredge 12" box (FREE SHIPPING)Keene 2.5 inch Dredge 12" box (FREE SHIPPING)
Keene 2.5 inch Dredge 12" box (FREE SHIPPING)
Item #:keene2604ultra
Regular price:$3,495.00
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Availability:Usually ships in 2-3 weeks
Product Description:

2 1/2 inch KEENE Pontoon Dredge with an optional air compressor.

The 2.5 Inch Ultra Series has set a new standard for smaller size dredges. The unmatched performance of this new dredge system is designed for those who operate in extremely remote and challenging locations. It can be easily transported and quickly assembled. Powered by a GX120 Honda engine with pump and compressor options to fit individual needs.

The Ultra series features a wider high performance sluice box recovery system with a longer woven wire classification screen, our “Miracle Mat” superior recovery and is lined with miner moss for excellent gold retention. Now includes our PHP160 pump and 12 inch wide sluice box. Equipped with a shorter oversized power jet and Marlex Jet Flare for greater suction power and non-clogging features. The one piece ribbed lightweight Marlex floats and two piece frame provide a compact package for assembly and is smaller and lighter than all previous dredge models. Designed to fit compactly inside the bed of a small pick up truck or SUV.

This extremely versatile Keene gold dredge can be used as a standard floating dredge with an optional air compressor for deeper dredging, or operated from the river bank for shallow water dredging.

The flotation is extremely light and compact and can be assembled or dismantled in a matter of a minutes. The new floats even have built in storage indentures providing a place for your tools, mask, rock pick etc. Floats now have stringers, or runner bottoms for fast water and rock laden bottoms.

The Keene gold dredge is equipped with our improved, more powerful P100 pump with an oversized pressure hose making it a more powerful dredge. Experience greater suction power with either the power jet or suction nozzle.

The sluice box has also been redesigned with rolled top edges, tapered sluice design, longer classifier screen and improved riffle design for superior recovery. Equipped with ribbed black rubber matting, for quick identification of values, under a longer classifier screen. The new 12 inch sluice box surpasses all previous designs for both fine gold recovery and ease of use.

The new jet flare design also improves fine gold recovery and increases suction power. It is easier to set up in shallow water conditions. The sluice box can also be set independently on a flat area next to the water. The dredge also comes with fifteen (15) of suction hose.

4 Dredge options: (CHOOSE FROM DROP DOWN MENU)

Select model from drop down menu above.

2.5" dredge pontoon w/ Honda engine (NO AIR) Suction Nozzle
2.5" dredge pontoon w/ Honda engine (NO AIR) Power Jet
2.5" dredge pontoon w/ Honda engine (WITH T80 AIR Compressor) Power Jet
2.5" dredge pontoon w/ honda engine (WITH T80 AIR Compressor) Suction Nozzle

Shipping: Please note: FREE FREIGHT is available only within the lower 48 US States. Alaska is additional and requires a freight quote prior to ordering.

Delivery info: This unit is in very high demand and subject to unannounced back-order. Delays of 2-4 weeks are common. If you require delivery by a certain date you are required to inform us at time of order. These units are only made upon order and are considered special order items. We are charged in advance by the mfg. for these items. As such, you will be charged in advance as well to secure your place in line for shipment. There will be no cancellations of orders due to delivery time issues unless you inform us in writing of a need by date in advance. Please plan your purchase accordingly and allow extra time for delivery.


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Low Pressure Diving Air SystemLow Pressure Diving Air SystemThe Low Pressure Diving Air System is available in various hose lengths. Please choose your preferred hose length from the drop down menu above.

Code: keLP120

Shipping Weight: 17.00 pounds (for 20 foot hose model)

The LP120 Kit comes complete with the following items:

Low Pressure Reserve Tank - RT1 20 feet of air hose - AH20 One Regulator - R1 One Harness - H2 All necessary fittings including Quick Release connectors.

For use with Model T80 Compressor only (not included) .

Before ordering make sure your compressor can handle the depth. We recommend the lp120 (20 foot) model for most dredging applications. Diving to depths greater than this requires extra diving knowledge and more safety precautions. Never operate a dredge or dive alone!

This is a special order item, subject to frequent back order - please allow extra time to order and deliver.

Availability: Usually ships in 1-2 weeks

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