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Keene 3 Stage Sluice Box - 4" High Performance
Keene 3 Stage Sluice Box - 4" High Performance Keene 3 Stage Sluice Box - 4" High Performance Keene 3 Stage Sluice Box - 4" High Performance
Keene 3 Stage Sluice Box - 4" High Performance
Item #:keSB4F3
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Product Description:
4" High Performance 3 Stage Sluice Box by Keene Engineering

48"x 16" box

This 4 inch, 3 Stage Sluice Box is simply the lightest, most compact sluice box you can find for superior fine gold recovery. The secret is in Keene's 3 Stage Sluice System that enables us to say that our sluice can out perform any double or triple sluice on the market.

This sluice box features heavy duty latches, rolled top edges for greater strength and safety as well as a longer rubber damper for even distribution.

Sluice box dimensions are 48" x 16"

Works with Keene series 4500/4505 model dredges.

This is a special order item and is not usually stocked - please allow extra time for shipping.

Sluice Stage # 1.

90% of all visible gold is recovered in the primary recovery riffles. This section can be removed independently, reducing clean up time drastically. We recommend this stage be cleaned once a day while the others may be cleaned as infrequently as once a week. The black rubber matting increases visual identification due to the contrast of gold on black. The ribbed matting is also mounted on a plate making removal of the matting even more effortless.

Sluice Stage # 2.

This section of the recovery system is designed to capture any gold that was tied up in clays or hard packed material. This portion of the riffle works extremely well as black sand will not build up.

Sluice Stage # 3.

This stage allows fine material to enter a lower section and protects fine gold from the high velocity water, providing for super fine recovery of gold and black sand. This section also creates a low pressure area at the end of the primary recovery system that classifies material down to less then 1/8 of an inch for even better fine material recovery.

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3 stage sluice FAQ3 stage sluice FAQInfo on Keene Engineering's newest dredge 3 stage sluice box design.

Keene dredges are available by special order. FOR CURRENT PRICING AND AVAILABILITY ON KEENE DREDGES AND DRY-WASHERS PLEASE CONTACT US AT: 1-760-948-3333 ..




The single sluice box processes all dredged material through a single recovery box. A single box includes a short classifier screen at the entrance, to separate the larger cobbles from the smaller, which are most likely to contain small gold particles. This design is still used in most small dredges, due to their lightweight compact design. The double or triple sluice also separates and classifies the dredged material at the entrance of the sluice. The smaller heavy material falls into separate sluices for a more selective recovery. When the dredged material is separated by size, it ensures better recovery. Higher velocity water is required to move the larger cobbles through the sluice. Lower speed or velocity is required to recover fine gold in the lower or separate sluices. When the speed is high enough to carry off the larger non-value cobbles through a single sluice box, a loss of fine gold can occur if the material and flow is not separated.

The latest technological design is the new 3 stage sluice box. The new box works similar to the double or triple sluice, classifying the fine material into separate compartments or sluices for processing. The differences are:

1. The material is classified 1/3 of the way down the box allowing the fine gold to fall and settle out of suspension.

2. The material passes over two different classifier screens allowing more complete separation. Experience finer gold recovery, in a lighter and more compact dredge that will out perform any double or triple sluice on the market! This system is extremely easy to operate for quick and easy clean up. It provides quick identification of values in the primary recovery riffle section. The top edges of the sluice box are rolled for Greater safety and strength. They are equipped with heavy duty latches and a longer rubber damper that is used for more even distribution of material over the recovery area to assist in settling fine gold out of suspension. Currently available only with 4, 5, and 6 inch dredges.

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