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Sniper Gold Nugget Sucker Stick - Vacuum
Sniper Gold Nugget Sucker Stick - Vacuum
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"Nugget Sucker" - Suction Stick used for Sniping for Gold Nuggets. Made by Gold Buddy.

Two sizes to choose from. Standard Sniper Nugget Sucker is a hand operated gravel extractor and is made of 1 1/2 inch PVC pipe with an adjustable tension rubber plunger. The T Handle is made of plated steel. Perfect for crevicing and sniping for gold nuggets. Total length is approx. 30 inches and the vacuum chamber is 1.5" x 20 inches. Total weight is very light at only 2 pounds. Sucker diameter is about 5/8".

The larger Magnum Nugget Sucker (model 6025) is just $9 more and features a full 2 inch pipe and total length is approx. 36 inches. Vacuum chamber is 2 x 28 inches. Weighs Approx. 3 lbs. Sucker diameter is about 3/4".

For both units, the length of the suction tip is approx. 6 inches.

UPS or parcel post only for Magnum sucker - too large for priority mail.


To adjust suction: adjust the bolt by opening the nozzle end and hold it it firmly, then twist the t-handle to tighten or loosen.

Also remember there is not a large reservoir, so you should probably dump your material every 1 to 4 stokes on average depending on how much material you suck up.

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