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NEW!  Gold Spot Treasure Scoop - SEE VIDEOS
NEW!  Gold Spot Treasure Scoop - SEE VIDEOSNEW!  Gold Spot Treasure Scoop - SEE VIDEOS
NEW! Gold Spot Treasure Scoop - SEE VIDEOS
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Regular price:$17.00
Sale price:$14.95, 2/$27.00
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NEW! Doc’s Gold SPOT™ (GSpot) Treasure Scoop Portable Gold Pan

The new Gold SPOT™ Treasure Scoop portable gold pan is a unique new tool designed to increase your recovery speed of detected nuggets. When you give the scoop a little shake and agitation, gravity causes the heavy gold to be channeled into the recessed bowl in the bottom of the scoop; the “Gold SPOT.”

When you start dumping dirt into your hand to isolate the nugget, the trough of the recessed bowl ramps up and channels any gold towards the riffles. The riffles hold the nugget, as the lighter material spills over the tops of the riffles into your hand. SEE VIDEO DEMO.

Ever cleaned out a crack in bedrock and the material in your scoop is setting off your detector but you’re having a difficult time locating that little speck of gold? Add a little water to the material and you have the fastest most convenient portable gold sniping pan ever.

Doc was prompted to redesign the standard conventional scoop that has been around for over 30 years, because with the popularity of the Minelab Gold Monster 1000, smaller gold is really hard to isolate with a standard scoop.

Included with every Gold SPOT™ is a plastic lanyard and EZ on/off security clip. How many scoops have you lost? Well, not this one. The security clip is designed to allow you to always keep your scoop “at the ready” and be able to remove it and replace it in seconds using only one hand. See the video.

The G SPOT comes in Green and we have a limited number of Yellow.

The G Spot Scoop: Retail Price $17, discounted price, $14.95, or 2 for $27 plus s&h. Green or Yellow.

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