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Snipe Scope - Underwater Viewer
Snipe Scope - Underwater ViewerSnipe Scope - Underwater Viewer
Snipe Scope - Underwater Viewer
Item #:ke-a23sh
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Product Description:
(SOLD OUT) This underwater viewing tube or snipe scope is great for crevicing and finding gold visually in creeks and rivers.

Hydro-scope dimension:
Length of scope is 16".
Interior viewing size: diameter approx. 3.25".
Exterior width: 4.5"

Also available separately with matching sniper suction stick (model-a23s) so you can suck up the gold you see $89.

Suction stick (optional) is similar to our other suckers in operation. A plunger is pulled back and material is sucked up into a cup which can then be dumped. Just draw back on t-handle, suck and repeat.

Overall length of (optional) suction stick is 35", with a 1" diameter nozzle. Perfect for cleaning out small cracks and crevices.

Please note: there may be some surface scratches in the paint. These do not affect operation at all - they are cosmetic only.
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HAND DREDGE Crevice Sucker / Snipe StickHAND DREDGE Crevice Sucker / Snipe StickGold Fever's HAND DREDGE Super Sucker Snipe Stick features a large vacuum chamber for easy crevice cleaning.

Approx. 35" long when assembled. Breaks down to about 24" and weighs just 3lbs for easy carrying.

Hand Dredge features a powerful 2" vacuum chamber with a 1 inch wide and 7" long crevice tip.

To use, you just find a good spot and push the sniper down into the river or creek and pull the plunger back. When filled with material just squirt it into a bucket or directly into your sluice box.

This handy suction stick tool is also great to use when metal detecting, working dry banks, while dredging and more. Light weight and easy to use, just imagine all the gold you will capture that could have been lost!


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