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BLUE BOWL CONCENTRATOR - fine gold recovery
BLUE BOWL CONCENTRATOR - fine gold recoveryBLUE BOWL CONCENTRATOR - fine gold recoveryBLUE BOWL CONCENTRATOR - fine gold recovery
BLUE BOWL CONCENTRATOR - fine gold recovery
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Blue bowls are extremely popular and demand often exceeds supply. This means it is subject to frequent back order - please order early.

The blue bowl gold concentrator has been our best seller for easy fine gold recovery for many years. The price to performance is unbeaten. While it is not terribly fast, the blue bowl concentrator is very effective, and for the price it is a great deal. Customers with multi thousand dollar water tables often still use the cheap blue bowl - it is that good. The only knocks against it are speed and those who don't take the time to learn to use it properly and efficiently.

The Blue Bowl is available alone without pump kit, or you can add various accessories like leg levelers, 12volt 750gph pump kit, and classifier sieves.

Note: your material should be screened down to at least 30 mesh for optimum separation of fine gold. Many of our customers use several screens: 30, 50, 70 and 100 mesh sieves are most common. We recommend for easiest fine gold recovery to run the material in different sized batches.

Also consider adding a pump bucket bracket - very helpful in keeping sediment out of your pump for longer life. Order it at the link above or add it from the drop down menu with your blue bowl.

See the blue bowl concentrator videos at bottom of page and see how easy it is to process your black sands and recover your fine gold.

THE D.A.M. Gravity CONCENTRATOR BOWL or "The Blue Bowl" as it is commonly known, will quickly recover your fine gold with only the water from a garden hose, or it can be rigged to recirculate with just a 12 volt pump (optional) and a 3 or 5 gallon bucket (not included).

Panning fine gold and black sand concentrates by hand is very difficult and can be incredibly tedious. The Blue Bowl can recover Gold as fine as talcum powder when setup and run properly.

This is the famous plastic blue bowl gravity concentrator designed to work forever with no moving parts. Comes with water flow control valve.

It is strongly recommended to wet your concentrates prior to adding them to the Bowl.

Recommended items for an optimal re-circulating fine gold recovery system:

Blue Bowl Concentrator

Leg levelers (optional set of 3 available below)

12V pump (pre-plumbed) 500gph to 750gph

3 1/2 or 5-gallon plastic pail or bucket

18-gallon plastic tub for recirculating water

Wetting agent (Jet Dry, etc.) to prevent fine flake gold from floating. Jet Dry can be purchased at any local grocery store in the dish washing detergent section.

Additional flexible hose length if needed (order hose here)

Enough treated water to fill the Bowl, pail, and tub to proper levels

12V battery, or other suitable 12V DC power source (a 12V, 6-amp battery charger will work in a pinch)

TIP: Before cleaning out the Blue Bowl gold concentrator, shut off the water supply and allow the water to settle down. The Gold can then be removed with a snuffer bottle.

Customer comment: I use a Blue Bowl to recover the fine gold with exceptional recovery rates. The bowl recovers even super fine gold if you exercise some restraint and run the water flow slightly lower and feed the bowl a bit more slowly after classifying your concentrates. Then try using a magnet on them. I do this to my buddy's gold concentrates (which he thinks have no gold left) and usually pull out another pennyweight or more of super fine gold. SHHHH... don't tell him!

Order your blue bowl fine gold recovery tool early as we sell out often. Allow 1-2 weeks shipping during peak season.

Also available - a set of 3 leg levelers that make adjusting and balancing your concentrator much easier.

Complete Blue Bowl kit: includes, bowl, pump motor, hose, and battery connectors. Choose above.

How to use the optional (but recommended) set of 3 leg levelers

You can raise or lower the bowl by turning the large disc clockwise or counterclockwise while attached to the bucket. The flange will hold the leveler in place as the disc is moved in either direction. Add these to your blue-bowl concentrator order below.

Please note: this item is very popular and subject to frequent back orders. If you need delivery by a certain date please be sure to indicate this in the comments field of the order form.

A comprehensive video showing blue bowl set up and operation is below:

Blue Bowl Setup Instructions

Place the Bowl over a three or five gallon plastic bucket (10"-11" Inside dimension) inside the larger 18-gallon tub; attach the hose from the pump (water supply) to the Blue Bowl, then level the Bowl. Position the pump inside the tub, beside the pail, about 2" +/- from the bottom (placing the pump in the tub helps avoid getting trash in the pump.) Placing the pump on a brick also works well. Fill the pail with water first; then fill the tub to within two inches of the rim of the bucket; add Jet Dry or some other wetting agent to the water then start the pump.

Simple Blue Bowl Instructions

A few minutes spent reading these instructions will save you time and help produce amazing results.

Before getting started you will want to wash the interior surfaces with a mild dish-washing detergent such as Ivory, Joy, or Dawn to remove any oily residue from the manufacturing process. This should be repeated periodically to ensure the Bowl surfaces are clean and oil free. Never scrub the Bowl with an abrasive, ever!

Using a self-contained method is the most efficient and recommended way for processing your pre-screened concentrates. First, pre-screen your concentrates to at least 30 mesh using a classifier sieve. Keep the concentrates wet with water treated with a wetting agent such as "Jet Dry" to help break the surface tension of the water, and prevent fine Gold from floating over the top of the cone. Jet Dry and similar products are available at most grocery stores. A 12-V, 750 or 500 GPH submersible pump provides an ideal low-pressure water supply for the unit.

Level the Bowl so that the water is even with the top (outer rim) of the Bowl, the Bowl is equipped with adjustable folding legs that extend to level the Bowl on the bucket it will rest on during operation. The use of the optional levelers with hold down clips make the Bowl far more stable as it rests on the bucket.

For best results, it is vital to pre-screen the concentrates using at least a 30 mesh sieve before adding them to the Bowl. Classifying the concentrates using nested sieves (30, 50, 70 and 100) will speed up the process considerably.

Fill the Bowl with your treated water; shut off the water supply, then add one cup of concentrates along the outer edge the Bowl (inside). Always close the water supply valve before adding more concentrates. We recommended adding no more than 1 cups at a time. After placing the concentrates in the Bowl, open the water control valve until the water level reaches the top of the outer rim without spilling over the rim. When the water reaches the top outer rim of the Bowl, adjust the flow to prevent it from flowing over into the 18-gallon tub.

To recover micro fine gold, pre-screen the concentrates using a 50, 70, or 100 mesh sieve. After adding the concentrates to Bowl, adjust (increase) the water flow slowly until the waste discharges over the center cone. Set the control valve to maintain a constant water level. Note: Maintain the water level 1/4" from the top of the outer rim of the Bowl when using 50 mesh pre-screened material; 1/2" from the outer rim if pre-screening using 100 mesh pre-screened material. A good rule of thumb is, the higher the screen mesh number, run lower and slower.

If material flows over the edge of the Bowl, or the water flow is too great causing gold to be swept over the inner cone into the retention bucket, don't panic, the gold will still remain in the bucket or tub. If the water flow rate is too great, cut it back; if too low, increase the flow. Watch the discharge over the rim of the inner cone; if you see micro Gold being swept over rim, slow it down a little.

Please note: the blue bowl is one of our best sellers and often sells out. Unannounced back orders are sometimes possible, so please order early.

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