Gold Genie Spiral Wheels  (sold out)
Gold Genie Spiral Wheels  (sold out)Gold Genie Spiral Wheels  (sold out)Gold Genie Spiral Wheels  (sold out)Gold Genie Spiral Wheels  (sold out)
Gold Genie Spiral Wheels (sold out)
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Extract Gold From Black Sand Concentrates

Faster, Better, and Less Expensively

Gold Genie manufactures two different spiral gold wheels with a ltd. 5 year warranty. Pricing starts at just $649. Choose your preferred Spiral Wheel model from the drop down menu next to the ADD TO CART button.

If you are not using the Gold Genie spiral wheel panner, chances are you may be wasting valuable time and precious gold too. Hand panning is extremely slow, backbreaking, and you could be losing up to 50% of your gold. Other spiral panning wheels just aren't as effective.

Choose your preferred model from the drop down menu next to the order button. Scroll down the page to view more pics and descriptions of each model.

Gold Genie represents The State of The Art in gold separation.

What makes Gold Genie so good? Consider these facts:

Efficiency beyond Compare
Gold Genie is the only automatic panner that consistently and effectively recovers 95% of the gold in concentrates down to 400 mesh. Its ability to extract all grades of goldÖ even flour gold, beach sand gold, and gold from impact millsÖ will end your frustrations and give you confidence youíre doing the best job possible. The continuous running action of Gold Genie allows you to extract the full potential of your claim in less time. Itís so effective you could process up to 100 lbs. of super dense black magnetic sands in an hour.

Exclusive Bowl Design
The key to any spiral wheel pannerís effectiveness is in its bowl. When you have a Gold Genie you have the only spiral panner with the exclusive patented "Poly G-2 Bowl" with double angle progressive riffles. The "Poly G-2 Bowl" has superior one-piece design - no inserts or seams to trap valuable gold particles. It easily outperforms other bowls and if you donít believe it, try it! It will extract gold from tailings of other machinesÖ you'll be amazed!

Using the Gold Genie allows you to spend more time mining while others are fumbling with antiquated equipment. Gold Genie is portable. It only weighs 25 lbs., sets up in a few minutes, and even fits in the trunk of a compact car. You donít need to be near a continuous water source because Gold Genie can be completely self contained with only 3 gallons of water in which it recycles. (Gold Genie recreational model only). Gold Genie efficiently runs off a 12 volt car battery continuously for approximately 6-8 hours.

Easy to Operate
The average prospector was in mind when the Gold Genie was designed. Itís most effective, but it's also easy to run. Adjusting water flow and wheel angle is a snap. Gold Genie spiral wheels are super easy even for beginners.

Source Of Satisfaction You'll feel pleasure in owning a Gold Genie, You'll join thousands of other owners around the world who are successfully using this superior gold panning machine. Itís the only compact spiral panner with so many features. If you are going to put out the time, effort and sweat why not use the best!

For Professional Miners:
Your livelihood depends on your ability to process your concentrates quickly and efficiently, and make the most of the short mining season.

For Weekend Miners:
Make the most profit with your limited time. Donít sell your work short. Get all the Gold Genie advantages, all for less than what you would expect to pay. Now you must ask yourself, "Can I afford not to have a Gold Genie?"

Gold Genie manufactures two different quality spiral gold wheels in their Oregon facility. All three are designed to recirculate water with a 12 volt pump which is provided and have the following features. Some models require a tub to recirculate (which is NOT included) but readily available at any large local hardware store such Home Depot or Lowes.

All Gold Genie spiral gold wheels have a quality 18 inch blue spiral pan for easy observation of both your gold and black sand. The pan is injection molded from polypropylene plastic. The injection molding under heat and pressure assures an exact copy of the mold with sharp definition of the ridges in the pan which are critical for gold recovery. The deep cut spirals with sharp edges allows the genie spiral wheel to work wet or dry.


The controls for both the volume of water on the spray bar and the critical angle of the pan are designed to be easily and accurately adjusted


The heavy duty 12 volt dc motor has a 2 speed switching system. The low speed is about 15 rpms and the high speed is about 22 rpms. The switch allows high speed, low speed and center off. A separate switch is provided for the 12 volt dc water pump so the units can operate with or without water. The motor and pump have a total current draw of less than 4 amps.


The gold and other values are collected on the back side of the pan in a high capacity 10 1/2 inch gold pan. The fitting in the center of the pan that the gold travels through is made of high quality stainless steel so that the unites can be used for amalgamation. The frames are all made from anodized steel for years of attractive service.


GOLD GENIE SPIRAL RECOVERY SYSTEMS are available in two models and all have a 5 year ltd mfg. year warranty.

The Recreational Model is currently out of stock - fully self contained and operates on 5 gallons of water from its reservoir / container. The height of the legs is adjustable. The unit is designed to be used with or without the container.

J-6668 $619.00 SOLD OUT

The Gold Genie Prospector Model is available to order and has a heavy duty straight frame and is the perfect tool for the serious recreational miner or a small commercial operation.

J-6667 $579.00

The Gold Genie Miner Model is designed for high volume applications with an adjustable height frame and a plastic skirt which directs all the waste material to the rear.

J-6669 $679.00

Replacement parts: Gold Genie Replacement 18 inch Spiral Gold Wheel $169.95 #6671 (Call or email to order).

5 Year Limited Warranty

The Gold Genie Spiral Gold Wheels are warranted to be free of (non cosmetic) defects in manufacturing for a period of 5 years for the original purchaser. The Only part that is not included in this 2 year warranty is the 12 volt water pump which is warranted by it's manufacturer. The warranty on these pumps is typically 12 to 18 months. Please note: occasionally small cosmetic defects may appear in the wheel due to the manufacturing process of the mold. These blemishes are cosmetic only and do not affect the operation of the wheel - as such, they are not grounds for warranty replacement.

Delivery info: This unit is in very high demand and subject to unannounced back-order. Delays of 1-4 weeks are common. If you require delivery by a certain date you are required to inform us at time of order. These units are only made upon order and are considered special order items. We are charged in advance by the mfg. for these items. As such, you will be charged in advance as well to secure your place in line for shipment. There will be no cancellations of orders due to delivery time issues unless you inform us in writing of a need by date in advance. Please plan your purchase accordingly and allow extra time for delivery.

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