Miller Table - for fine gold recovery  (SOLD OUT)
Miller Table - for fine gold recovery  (SOLD OUT)Miller Table - for fine gold recovery  (SOLD OUT)
Miller Table - for fine gold recovery (SOLD OUT)
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(SOLD OUT - we are relocating and expanding our fabrication center)

Introductory price - limited time!

Our Miller Table will quickly and easily separate fine gold from your heavy black sand concentrates with a minimum of fuss and muss.


It operates via time tested gravity separation principles - no chemicals or high maintenance mechanical parts are required. Our miller table is engineered to recover fine mesh gold down to as fine as 200 to 300 mesh.


MADE IN THE USA - by miners for miners. Custom size Miller tables are available by special order. Our standard size will do the job for most applications, but we are happy to custom build a wider or longer gold recovery water table for your special needs.

2 Table sizes to choose from: standard size is 8" x 24", and the large version is 12" x 28". We debated offering a third even larger size, but these table are so effective at recovering gold, the extra length is not really needed. We may manufacture a wider version in the future for those who wish to process more material per hour. In the interim, these two sizes should be more than sufficient for almost all prospectors.

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fine gold miller table

Miller Table includes the following items: Fine Gold Recovery Miller Water Table, snuffer bottle, gold vial, brush and a FREE BONUS finishing gold pan. Our new finishing pan has 2 sets of riffles including a set of fine gold micro riffles which will help reduce your concentrates down to a manageable amount quickly and easily.

Various size 12 volt pumps are available as an option (use the drop down option menu to select size). You can also run your table off a garden hose, but if doing so we recommend purchasing or adding a hose valve to better control the water flow. Garden hoses can surge and sputter sometimes and steady water flow is recommended for best results. Using a pump makes the unit portable as well.

A small investment in the proper equipment will yield large results. Recovering just a couple of extra grams of fine gold will more than pay for this machine.

Miller Table Operation: the design of our water table concentrator or "miller Table" is similar to a traditional sluice box, but it operates entirely without riffles using a very thin layer of low velocity water. Our special matting has just enough "tooth” (roughness) to grab onto the fine gold while allowing the metered smooth, laminar water flow to release the lighter weight sands.

Fine gold separation tip
This tip applies to all clean up equipment, not just our water table. For quickest and easiest recovery of fine and flour gold, you will want to size your material with a classifier screen and run it in different sized batches. We recommend running material in separate batches with similar sized material. Start with 20 mesh, then process your 30 to 50 mesh, and then 50 to 100 mesh. Finish with running any material that is smaller than 100 mesh. You can run your material with less classification, but to prevent larger particles of waste material from displacing the smallest gold particles, proper classification is key. As this is a fine gold recovery table, the minimum mesh size we recommend starting with is 18 mesh. 18-20 mesh is approx. equivalent to window screen. Gold larger than this size generally does not require specialized recovery equipment and can be recovered with traditional sluices or even a gold pan. It’s on this difficult to recover smaller fine mesh gold that our water table really shines.

It is important to set up your table on a level even surface so the water flow is as smooth and uniform as possible. You can raise or lower the sluice as needed to move more material. When using a pump you should not need to angle the table very much - as the water flow will move the lighter material quite easily. When your miller table is set up correctly, the water should ideally look like a piece of smooth glass. Spread your material lightly and evenly over the top of the table. Use the full width so you can process more material faster. Once set, you can let your miller gravity table run and it will require virtually no maintenance. Just add material as needed and watch it go.

“Working” the material: manipulating the material by hand on your table is optional but sometimes helpful in speeding up recovery. When you first place your material on the table to be washed, you should find that the lighter weight blonde and red sands will begin to run off almost instantly and the heavier black sands will begin to move a bit later. If you find some sands remain lodged in place for too long or some fine pieces of gold moving more than a few inches down the table, simply swipe (work) the black sands and gold back up the table with your brush. The brushing action will help disrupt the black sand and cause it to move more freely. Feel free to play with the material - it’s actually quite fun and satisfying to manipulate the sands and watch it spread out while releasing the gold. Just remember, on this type of fine gold recovery table a little movement is considered a lot - so easy does it.

Recirculating tub and pump kit options make your miller tub into a fully recirculating unit with the addition of our tub and pump kit. Kit includes choice of pump (either 500gph or 750gph), a water control valve to regulate flow, and a tub with handy separate tailings section.

Clean up is super simple - all you need to do is use the included brush and gently sweep your gold into a pile and suck it up into your sucker bottle. Use caution when sucking up your gold - the tip of the sucker bottle can disrupt the water flow and cause the gold to move down the table. If that happens just brush it back up into place and approach the gold from a different angle with your snuffer. With just a little practice you’ll be able to clean the table rapidly and with ease.

Gold Recovery TIP: did you know fine gold can float? Any oils or impurities in the water can create extra surface tension on the water and allow the flatter fine pieces of gold to float and escape capture. To prevent your fine gold from floating, add a drop or two of Jet Dry dish detergent additive to each gallon of water. Jet dry works to break the surface tension of the water and allows your gold to drop out and get caught by the miller table’s matting.

Construction: The sluice trough is constructed from high quality parts including thick gauge, high grade 5052 Aluminum. This type of aluminum features excellent corrosion resistance, and high fatigue strength. The header box contains the water delivery system and is designed to create the perfect conditions for fine gold recovery by limiting the speed, amount, and even the thickness of the water flow. Pressure can be further controlled through the included ball valve and adjusted as needed to produce ideal results. Standard hose connections make it easy to hook the miller table up to any garden hose or to a 12 volt water pump.

If you want to test the gold recovery - you can just rerun some of the tailings. As every batch of material has its own unique characteristics, we recommend doing this with any type of equipment just to make sure you have your system set up optimally for the type of material you are processing. You should find that 90 to 98% of the visible gold was caught by the miller table in the first pass. Much of the gold that escapes will be so small that it may not even be visible to the naked eye. This micron gold is usually not worth pursuing for the average prospector. Time is money, so your time is usually better served accumulating or processing more fresh material.

Enjoy your new miller table and have fun collecting your gold!

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