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Pry-bar with Paracord and Compass (crevice and survival tool)
Pry-bar with Paracord and Compass (crevice and survival tool)
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Product Description:
(Black) Type-III "Apocalypse" Pry Bar, with 7 Strand high quality 550 pound Paracord Wrapped Handle, and a Mini Compass too!

This mini crow bar is your perfect post apocalyptic companion. Comes wrapped in approximately 6 feet of 550lb tested 7 strand paracord. The bar is drop forged and heat treated steel. At 7.5 inches it's handheld and the paracord handle makes a solid grip. The paracord wrist loop is tipped with a mini liquid filled compass to help you find your way in Armageddon's playground or around the gold fields. Perfect for any bug-out bag or stow it in your glove compartment just in case.
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