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SOLD OUT -- Desert Dreams Golden Paydirt
SOLD OUT -- Desert Dreams Golden PaydirtSOLD OUT -- Desert Dreams Golden Paydirt
SOLD OUT -- Desert Dreams Golden Paydirt
Item #:desertdreams
Regular price:$159.95
Sale price:$149.95
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Availability:Usually ships in 2-3 business days
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High quality paydirt concentrates for a fun gold panning experience.

We call this new paydirt "Desert Dreams" as it is loaded with fine and coarse gold. From our diggings in the Eldorado Canyon area of Southern Nevada.

Nothing has been removed except the larger rocks. Expect approx. 2 pounds of paydirt with 2 grams of gold fines and coarse small pickers. Large nuggets are sometimes possible but on the rare side, as this material tends to skew to smaller but plentiful gold.

Recommend using a black sand magnet to remove the heavies and make panning easier.

Panning Difficulty: we consider this material to be fairly challenging with a good amount of heavier materials and black sands. take your time when panning and be sure you get all the fines. Have Fun!

Custom gold panning concentrates bags available. Please let us know your needs.
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Mini Magnet for Black SandMini Magnet for Black SandSuper Strong mini Magnetic Separator Pick Up with Quick Release

(we have this magnet in a black sand cleanup kit as well)

Diameter of Magnetic Base: 2-1/4"
Height : 4-3/8"
Pull Handle Quick Release
Rubberized Grip Handle
Compact Size
Capacity up-to 8 lbs.
Please note: Weight of object must be evenly distributed on magnetic base for max capacity lift
Magnets are not Continuous through our Magnetic Surface. If using on black sand, be sure to move magnet surface around to engage all magnets.
Great for Picking up magnetic Black Sand, Ferrous Materials, Metals and Other Magnetic Objects

Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days

snpm6550$9.95, 2/$17.00
Big Orange Gold Magnet - "Black Sand Magnet"Big Orange Gold Magnet - "Black Sand Magnet"

Our favorite black sand magnet!

It's Big, it's orange and it will eliminate more black sand faster with less gold included! A definite "must have" for removing magnetic sand from dredge, sluice and dry washer concentrates. Works wet or dry!

If sold out try our other black sand magnets below. Subject to backorder.

Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days

black-sand-magnet-j5912Regular price: $20.00Sale price: $18.95, 2/$34.00
Bulk Black Sand Magnet - - SEE VIDEOBulk Black Sand Magnet - - SEE VIDEOBULK BLACK SAND MAGNET - make short work of your heavy gold panning concentrates.

This high capacity black sand magnet (9 inches tall and 3 1/2 inches in diameter) allows loads of magnetic black sand to drop off cleanly when the plunger is lifted. Ideal for cleaning up loads of gold panning concentrates quickly and easily. Also see our other magnets for smaller jobs.

Black Sand Magnet is available alone ($16.95) or as a kit with trays ($28.95) as seen in video. Choose model from drop down option menu

Have no fear fellow prospectors the Gold-Mag is here! Magnets are great for removing black sand from concentrates but there is always the fear of loosing gold in the process. Why? We all know that gold is non-magnetic however a powerful magnet can trap the gold in the black sand as it's being extracted from the concentrates. Don't blame the magnet, it's the process that needs work. You need a powerful magnet like this one, but you also need a unique and easy process that is fast and thorough. With the Gold-Mag System (see video) you'll see just how easy it is to get all the gold and virtually eliminate any doubt about black sand removal using a magnet. The process works wet or dry and the tubs stack neatly with the magnet inside so you always have Gold-Mag when you need it.

Helpful alternate video showing removal of less magnetic hematite using a different set of stronger magnets:

Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days

black-sand-magnet-j5671Regular price: $23.00Sale price: $16.95
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