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Gold Buddy Mini Highbanker - Recirculating Sluice
Gold Buddy Mini Highbanker - Recirculating SluiceGold Buddy Mini Highbanker - Recirculating SluiceGold Buddy Mini Highbanker - Recirculating Sluice
Gold Buddy Mini Highbanker - Recirculating Sluice
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Product Description:
(SOLD OUT) Please see our New Gold Buster mini highbanker


12 VOLT RECIRCULATING SLUICE - with adjustable stand.

The "Gold Buddy" mini hibanker is designed to be a self contained recirculating sluice with many uses - GOLD PROSPECTING, SAMPLING, CONCENTRATES CLEANUP. A 30 gallon plastic storage box / tub (not included) available at Walmart or Target works great as storage and as a water storage reservoir.

Lightweight and easy to set up and break down - the mini hibanker can be packed in to your favorite location or used at home for final cleanup. Run it straight from the creek or use the tub to recycle your water in dry areas. This self contained unit collects Nuggets to Dust, fast and easy.

Gold-Buddy High-banker Features:
- aluminum power sluice has infinite height adjustments
- sluice has riffles, expanded metal and ribbed carpet for very effective GOLD recovery
- mini-power sluice folds into a 30 gallon case reservoir (not included), with room left over for other equipment, and/or food. Tubs may be purchased inexpensively at most home improvement stores such as Walmart, Lowe's or Home Depot.

No need to classify, the hopper has a 1/2" screen to separate if for you. Place the unit next to your PAY STREAK and shovel right into it.

The top classifier box has a classifying section (grizzly) that allows larger stones and waste gravel to drop off the end into a waste pile while the smaller, heavier material is washed into the lower sluice box where the gold is trapped in the riffles and carpet.

Powered by a powerful heavy duty 12 volt 750 gph electric pump, the small 10 gallons of water required to fill the unit is recirculated until all your material is processed.

The components all store compactly and safely in the container. GOLD BUDDY MINI HIGHBANKER measures: The sluice box is 24 inches long and 7 inches wide. The hopper/classifier is 20 inches long and 7 inches wide by 4 inches deep. Weight of gold buddy is only 12 lbs. Total weight of all components is only about 21 lbs!

The 12 volt battery is not included but may be purchased at a local store very cheaply. It will run off your vehicle battery or any 12 volt battery. We use a tractor battery, which is about half the size of a car battery, and has the capacity to run this unit for several hours. The tractor battery is available at WalMart for about $19.95. A car battery should provide enough juice for the unit to run for a couple of days of average use.

Tip: try a little "clay gone" to help settle the murky water in your water recycling tub. Order below.

Shipping via USPS or UPS is not included and will be added to order separately. It usually runs approx. $25-$45. We sell out often so please allow about 1-2 weeks until shipping.

Review: "The Gold Buddy high banker really made our trip to California a great success. It was very easy to set up and break down and we didn't have to lug a ton of material back home with us to pan out. It really concentrated the gold and black sands very well." RT Walsh, CO.

Please note: this item is subject to frequent back order. Please order early.

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