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NEW  Mini Sluice Box - SALE -
NEW Mini Sluice Box - SALE -
Item #:sngp-sb36pt
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Sale price:$14.95, 2/$24.00
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Product Description:
Our new mini sluice box features 3 distinct gold catching areas.

Buy two and save !

3 Riffle Styles include: traditional Hungarian, "V" Shape, and Square riffles.

Sluice box measures a very compact 12" long by 3" wide. Flare at end is 5.5" wide. Made from TPR Plastic making it lightweight and flexible. Also features a hole at one end of the flare side wall to accommodate a lanyard or other carrying attachment.

Use for quick gold cleanup tasks at home, or in the field to quickly sample an area before setting up larger gold recovery equipment. Also fun to use with younger kids to teach them the principles of gold retention and how a sluice operates.

The trend today in sluice box gold recovery is using separate and distinct riffle or matting systems. Not all gold is the same shape of course. Gold of different shapes and sizes will behave very differently in a sluice. Some coarse pieces will be caught easily in a traditional Hungarian riffle system while other flatter pieces may float more and migrate down and out of your sluice. Using a hybrid sluice design like this one gives you the best chance to maximize your gold recovery for various types of gold. Experiment with different sluice angles and water speeds to find the best combination for your particular gold shape, size and conditions.

Sluice box is Designed with 3 Traditional, Proven Gold Collecting Riffle Patterns. Also see our rubber sluice matting with the same unique riffle patterns.
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Micro Vortex Mini Pocket Sluice (dream mat)   Micro Vortex Mini Pocket Sluice (dream mat) POCKET DREAM MAT SLUICE!

Never be unprepared to check out that spot w/ proven sluice technology in a pocket size! Made by the folks who make the super popular dream mat.

Measures just 7" inches long and 2" wide so it is super easy to store and transport. Keep this handy micro sluice with you in your vehicle or backpack just in case you stumble across a promising spot you want to quickly check for gold.

This mini sluice is not a toy! It really works.

Limited quantity and subject to back order. Colors will vary.

Availability: Usually ships in 3-4 business days

NEW!!  Pocket Sluice Box - deluxe NEW!! Pocket Sluice Box - deluxe The pocket sluice box is very compact and great for quick cleanups and sampling an area.

Description This is a sluice box for gold prospecting. It measures 12 in long by 3 in wide by 1 1/2 in high.

It weighs only 10 oz and is made out of 1/16 thick aluminum. It comes with 100% stainless hardware and angled expanded metal to catch more fine gold.

It is a compact solution that fits into any travel plans. You can easily take this with you and use it to explore for gold in remote locations before bringing in your bigger equipment.

Gold is retained in the ribbed rubber matting under the removable expanded metal. Clean up is super quick and easy with only one nut to remove. Just tip it and rinse it in a pan or bucket and continue sluicing.

Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days

pocket-sluicedeluxeRegular price: $26.95Sale price: $19.95
EZ Sluice Box  (B/O)EZ Sluice Box (B/O)Currently on back order - please email or call us to reserve a sluice.

The EZ sluice box is very easy to use, light to carry, and incredibly easy to clean up - hence the name EZ SLUICE.

The E-Z Sluice by Tee Dee Co. has recently been redesigned and improved with easier to manipulate removable riffles. And the flare has been redesigned to fit snugly into the box itself, reducing the footprint, making it even easier to transport.

Find Gold with the Tee-Dee EZ Sluice Box Of all the compact sluice boxes we've tried, the E-Z Gold Sluice Box is one of the lightest, most portable and effective sluice designs available.

Our E-Z sluice box is great for backpacking and day trips to your favorite river! Keep it in your car or truck for whenever you get the urge to find some gold! See our sluicing for gold tips below.

Durably made of polypropylene plastic with 2 ABS plastic Hungarian riffle systems.

Classic blue miners moss carpeting pads the unit for great recovery of even fine flour gold.

Custom riffle corrugation is molded into the plastic - it traps gold well making recovery awesome and set up a breeze. The sluice box even breaks down super easy too - allowing for very fast clean ups.

The Tee Dee E-Z sluice box Dimensions with flare: 30" long x 7" wide x 2 1/2" tall

See second picture for a close up of corrugation and the riffle set. Riffle sets have Hungarian type riffles and the riffle tray snaps in and out for super easy gold clean up.

For better and faster gold recovery you may wish to consider adding one of our classifier sieves to help separate larger rocks from your gold bearing material. Classifier screens make sluicing much easier, far more productive, and helps prevent overloading your box. You can add one to your order below.

Please note: this item is very popular and subject to frequent back orders. If you need delivery by a certain date please be sure to indicate this in the comments field of the order form.

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