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NEW!!  Pocket Sluice Box - deluxe
NEW!!  Pocket Sluice Box - deluxe NEW!!  Pocket Sluice Box - deluxe NEW!!  Pocket Sluice Box - deluxe
NEW!! Pocket Sluice Box - deluxe
Item #:pocket-sluicedeluxe
Regular price:$29.95
Availability:Usually ships in 2-3 business days
Product Description:
The pocket sluice box is very compact and great for quick cleanups and sampling an area.

The standard version of this pocket sluice is also available (same sluice, just without the expanded metal - $19.95).

Description This is a sluice box for gold prospecting. It measures 12 in long by 3 in wide by 1 1/2 in high.

It weighs only 10 oz and is made out of 1/16 thick aluminum. It comes with 100% stainless hardware and 45 degree angled aluminum expanded metal to catch more fine gold. The openings measure about 3/4 in x 1/2 in.

It is a compact solution that fits into any travel plans. You can easily take this with you and use it to explore for gold in remote locations before bringing in your bigger equipment.

Gold is retained in the ribbed rubber matting under the removable expanded metal. Clean up is super quick and easy with only one nut to remove. Just tip it and rinse it in a pan or bucket and continue sluicing.

Save $10 - if you don't need the expanded metal - this sluice is also available without for just $19.
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Gold-N-Retriever Drop Riffle Sluice BoxGold-N-Retriever Drop Riffle Sluice BoxFrom the makers of the famous bucket clean up sluice (see below). The Retriever 12" wide drop riffle sluice box offers gold prospectors a new way of processing their material.

Material flows into the proven drop riffle system where even fine gold is captured. Super easy and fast to clean up. No more mats to shake and stretch, and wonder if you got all the gold out. Just tip it and rinse it out into a tub or 5 gallon bucket. Couldn't be easier.

Dimensions 40" x 12" x 5" in

Click image to enlarge.

Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days

wb-retrieverRegular price: $98.00Sale price: $84.00
SPECIAL Add DISCOUNTED bucket sluice: 
Pocket Sluice Box  (sold out)Pocket Sluice Box (sold out)Our new pocket sluice is the perfect size for quick cleanups or for testing material for gold. Well made from durable aluminum.

Description This is a compact sluice box designed for quick samples or cleaning up your concentrates. It measures 12 in long by 3 in wide by 1 1/2 inches high. It weighs only 8 oz and is made out of 1/16 thick aluminum.

Use this compact sluice box to separate your gold from soil by running water over the ribbed rubber matting. The waste material exits and your heavy concentrates and gold remains behind.

For best operation we recommend using a screen sieve to remove large rocks first. If you don't have a sieve screen you can order this same sluice with the expanded metal added (see other listing) for $29.

Prospector Sluice Box (24")    (SOLD OUT)Prospector Sluice Box (24") (SOLD OUT)(SOLD OUT)

The Prospector Aluminum Sluice Box is available in 24" length. (A pocket size 12" version is available separately)

It measures 24 inches long by 5 in wide by 1 1/2in high.

24 inch sluice weighs 1.5 lbs. Sluices are made out of durable 1/16 thick aluminum.

24" is $44

Features aluminum expanded metal and ribbed rubber matting to catch finer gold. Matting and expanded metal are easily removable for quick clean up. Just tip and rinse it into a bucket or pan.


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