Gold Buddy Mini Sluice Box 24"
Gold Buddy Mini Sluice Box 24"Gold Buddy Mini Sluice Box 24"Gold Buddy Mini Sluice Box 24"Gold Buddy Mini Sluice Box 24"
Gold Buddy Mini Sluice Box 24"
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Gold Buddy MINI SLUICE BOX - available with or without flare attachment.

The Gold Buddy mini sluice box is one of the lightest, most portable aluminum sluices on the market. It's super compact and great for backpacking and easy transport to your favorite gold prospecting location.

Available in two models. The #6524 Gold Buddy sluice has a bent flared intake and model #6535 has a straight intake so that you can add accessories including the new removable flare attachment.

The standard GOLD BUDDY Mini Sluice has a built in flared intake to help direct water into the sluice and is therefore designed to use as a stand alone sluice.

The Additional Bolt On Flare for the #6535 GOLD BUDDY Mini Sluice is about three inches wider than the sluice body and helps direct more water into the sluice. This is helpful in situations where the amount of water flowing is minimal.

Sluice box dimensions

With flare attached, the 6535 sluice will measure 7" x 30" and weighs just 3.8 lbs. #6535 sluice with flare is $89.95

The 6524 sluice (without flare) measures 7" x 24" and weighs just 3.1 lbs. The 6524 is $74.95.

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Straight Sluice Pictured:

The Gold Buddy MINI SLUICE BOX features a revolutionary riffle system that is precision laser cut from a single sheet of steel, and then zinc plated for great durability. This allows for a very light weight but strong riffle system and the quality zinc plating allows for decades of service.

The marine grade aluminum sluice body is approximately 24 inches long, 7 inches wide and 2 1/2 inches deep. The unique riffle system is 15 inches long with 5 riffles, and is secured in the sluice by a single thumb nut for easy removal and cleanup. The total weight, including diamond cut expanded aluminum and gold grabbing sluice carpet, is only 2.8 pounds. Add some optional miners moss for even better gold retention.

NEW: A new mini sluice box stand #6500 is now available for this item. Add it to your order by selecting the stand in the drop down menu above.

Flare is optional and not necessary to operate the sluice - though having a flare is very helpful in low water conditions and also allows extra room to spread and break up material before running through the sluice.

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