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NEW!  Gold Claw Panning Kit (SEE VIDEOS)
NEW!  Gold Claw Panning Kit (SEE VIDEOS)NEW!  Gold Claw Panning Kit (SEE VIDEOS)NEW!  Gold Claw Panning Kit (SEE VIDEOS)NEW!  Gold Claw Panning Kit (SEE VIDEOS)
NEW! Gold Claw Panning Kit (SEE VIDEOS)
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Gold Claw has put together a really neat gold panning system with everything necessary for you to set out on your own gold finding adventures! Individual gold claw pans are available without kit as well.

NEW! Pocket Pan introduced - just $24.95. The new gold claw pocket pan measures approx. 8" long by 4" wide by 1.5" deep. It's small, but super easy to use and very effective.

Original Gold Claw Kit $64.95
Original Gold Claw Pan only $44.95
Gold Claw kit with pocket pan added $84.95
Pocket Pan only $24.95

The Gold Claw pan is a true gold panning break through! The average person spends 5-10 minutes panning one pan full of material. The Gold Claw pan takes less than 30 seconds! Scroll down to watch action videos and see for yourself. And for a limited time, when you purchase a Gold Claw pan you get 4 FREE ACCESSORIES AND some practice paydirt with REAL GOLD! In addition to the pan you get: 2 oz snuffer bottle to suck up your gold, a scoop for feeding your Gold Claw, an LED magnifier, a small empty vial, and also a vial of practice panning gravel containing REAL GOLD! Improve your panning skills with the new Gold Claw.

What's included in the Original Gold Claw Kit:

1 Original Gold Claw Gold Pan

Pan measures 12 inches wide x 10 inches tall x 2.75 inches deep.

- Made in the USA - Made from Tritan material, virtually indestructible in the outdoor market.

- Available in Purple, Blue, or Clear. Choose color from drop down menu

1 Gold Claw Accessory Kit

- Vial to keep your newly discovered gold in

- Folding pocket sized scoop to fill your Gold Claw pan

- Snuffer Bottle to easily suction the gold from the pan to the vial

- LED Magnifier to see all the gold and amazing minerals in your pan!

- 1 Container of Practice Paydirt with 5 to 10 Flakes of Real Gold! With pay dirt you can immediately try your new Gold Claw pan right out of the box! There is nothing like GOLD! Practicing on anything else is not the same. Practice pay dirt can be used over and over to refine your skills. You can add more gold rich paydirt here


From the young child to the experienced prospector, this gold pan brings the world of gold to everyone. Even this 4 year old (see pic above) successfully panned gold her first time! It's very light weight and easy to carry too.

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