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Turbopan -   Pan More - Faster!  (SOLD OUT)
Turbopan -   Pan More - Faster!  (SOLD OUT)Turbopan -   Pan More - Faster!  (SOLD OUT)Turbopan -   Pan More - Faster!  (SOLD OUT)Turbopan -   Pan More - Faster!  (SOLD OUT)
Turbopan - Pan More - Faster! (SOLD OUT)
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(SOLD OUT) Turbo Pan is now available in two sizes and two more new colors. Electric blue is now in stock for the large turbopan and a dark blue is available for the small turbo pan.

New to the US market, the Turbopan is the next evolution in gold pan technology. Scroll down to watch the turbopan in action. The TurboPan eliminates the problem of compaction that happens in the traditional "Klondike" style gold pan because it is basically a circular sluice. The unique spiral riffles break up the material and the grooves feed into the center trap. Waste material easily flows out over the edge of the pan. Features flat riffles to help clean up your concentrates.

For a very limited time - new colors are in stock (while supplies last)

The Turbo Gold Pan is great as a gift for your prospecting friends and for clubs.

Shown:.jpg New electric blue small turbo pan

The Turbo Gold Pan doesn't require running water like a sluice, it simply maximizes the effects of gravity making gold separation easy and quick. Its shallow depth means it can be used in even puddles and troughs. And its unique color lets you easily see the gold, even when panning in black sand!

Increase your chances of finding gold while saving time. The Turbopan is currently available in 16 inch (40cm) diameter model and in 10 inch black color as well.

"A CIRCULAR SLUICE" Perfect for use in areas where a stream sluice is not allowed or is unavailable. Use it to rapidly generate heavy concentrates and do your final separation at home.

The Turbopan was designed by Kim Hillier, an Australian geologist and prospector with over 20 years experience in mineral exploration and gold prospecting. His first experience with gold pans was using traditional steel "Klondike" pans, as well as plastic gold pans, whilst doing panned concentrate sampling surveys for alluvial and hard rock gold.

The process of panning down samples was slow and the results highly variable, depending on the skill and enthusiasm of the panner. He found that compaction of black sands often stopped gold getting right to the bottom of the pan, and it could be lost if the panner wasn't careful.

It was also a slow process!

He saw a need for a pan that would require a lot less technique, was easy for beginners to use, and could reduce a load of dirt quickly – whilst being cheap enough to be available to all budget sizes. He figured the necessary requirements of a good gold pan would be to:

-Get the gold to the bottom and into a trap as quickly and as effectively as possible
- Get the waste out as quickly as possible while not losing any gold
-Allow concentrates to be cleaned up quickly and effectively

Panned Concentrate using Turbopan

Prospecting with Turbopan


Turbo Pan is in limited supply and subject to unannounced backorder - please order early.

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