Treasure Scoop with Riffles
Treasure Scoop with RifflesTreasure Scoop with RifflesTreasure Scoop with Riffles
Treasure Scoop with Riffles
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Product Description:
GOLD PANNING SCOOP The new prospecting scoop / digger is a helpful new addition to your gold prospecting and metal detecting equipment.

Scoop measures 12.5 in length and features a beveled scoop edge to aid in digging through dirt and sand.

The scoop features 8 built-in riffles that will assist with sifting through materials so you can quickly check for gold flakes, nuggets or other heavy targets.

The scoop is constructed of strong plastic that will not rust or corrode, making it an ideal digger option for both wet and dry materials. The deep green color will also aid in identifying gold from black sand.

LANYARD HOLE included - Easily attach the scoop to your belt, backpack, or prospecting tool bag

Concave (deep well) design - to allow heavier material like gold to settle out when shaking the scoop. Run the light stuff off the end of the scoop while retaining the heavies. Perfect for quick target location when metal detecting.

Overall length: 12.5
Color: Deep green;
Lanyard hole in the handle;
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Gold Trap ScoopGold Trap ScoopGold Trap Scoop is made from high impact plastic - making it very durable.

Perfect for metal detector use - it will not interfere with the signal like a metal scoop will. Other uses: feed your gold processing equipment including sluices, concentrators, spiral wheels etc..

2 small riffles are built right in to the scoop itself to help trap small gold. This allows quick sampling of material to check for values.

Gold trap scoop is made with flat edges making it perfect for scraping bedrock or sidewalls of buckets.

Don't leave any gold behind!

13" long

Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days

ke-ts$9.95, 2/$18.00
Treasure Detector ScoopTreasure Detector ScoopTREASURE SCOOP - A must have tool for your metal detector or gold prospecting kit.

New color available- High Visibility Orange, less chance of losing your scoop.

Reinforced plastic non metallic scoop designed to recover gold nuggets and coins. Pass the scoop over your detector and targets will sound off. The tool is over 12 inches long from tip to tip and the scoop is almost 4 inches wide. Scoops are available in three colors - please indicate your preferences in the drop down menu. We can't always guarantee a color, but will try to accommodate you.

Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days

detector-scoop-j5548Regular price: $10.00Sale price: $8.49, 2/$14.00
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