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Metal Detecting Terminology

A.T.I.Abbreviated term for Audio Target Identification. A certain audio pitch identifies the type of metal object located.
Beaver TailThe tail of a pull-tab separated from the ring...usually giving the same signal as nickels and gold rings.
Black Sand Also known as Malagnite. It is Black iron oxide in mineral form. Black sand is one of the highest mineral conditions that a detector has to contend with.
CacheUsually any type of concealed treasure consisting of a quantity of money or other valuables.
CCWCounterclockwise (Decrease)
CladCoins that are still in circulation... Usually dating from 1965 and on.
CWClockwise (Increase)
Deep SignalA barely audible signal...The Bounty Hunter has a "loud alert" system which usually keeps the signals at a highly audible level no matter how deep the target is.
Depth readoutThe depth indication dial is located at the top right of the LCD panel. Each number represents inches (2 -10 inches). The depth arrow will lock on and emit simultaneously with the target identification. Usually when the depth hits 10 inches, the target identification will emit an arrow under deep target.
DigholeAn indentation left by other detectorists who have previously hunted an area.
Digital circuitryMicro Chip Computer Circuit which combines with Bounty Hunter's Patented Technology.
Disc.Abbreviated term for discrimination. Discrimination allows the detector to selectively reject certain metal objects or junk.
DiscriminationAllows the detector to selectively reject certain metal objects or junk.

FrequencyMeasured electrical current. Most Bounty Hunter metal detectors operate at 6.6 KHz...6600 Hz.
G.B.Abbreviated term for Ground Balance. Ground Balance is achieved by adjusting the GND BALANCE control for the neutral response to the mineral content in the ground--depending on the detecting model features.
G.B. Disc.Abbreviated term for Ground Balance Discriminate. This mode allows both ground neutralization and selective discrimination at the same time
Ground TracŪIn metal detecting, it is very important that the machine is calibrated for the particular soil conditions that you are hunting. This allows the detector to discriminate the difference between the soil and a target. Bounty Hunter metal detectors come with the Ground TracŪ. This feature automatically balances the machine to the soil conditions.
Halo EffectCertain metals, when buried for long periods, oxidize and leech into the surrounding soil. This results in a metallic halo around the buried object.
HipmountWhen the detector unit is attached to the belt and not to the stem.
LCD displayThe LCD target readout will display the probable type of metal being targeted and what denomination of coins are detected. The denomination of coins are also symbols for many other types of metal that are in the same detection range.

Negative ResponseIndicates reduction or loss of tone.
Neutral ResponseIndicates no change in threshold tone.
No motion discriminationNo-Motion all metal mode is when no movement of the coil is required to detect a target.
No Motion Target IdentificationThe LCD screen of some Bounty Hunters will show the target type when the searchcoil is above the target. No motion is necessary.
Nulled out Whenever a coin will not be detected because of interference or a peice of trash metal located too close to the coin/ essentially a zeroing out of a good target caused by trash located near it.
Positive ResponseIndicates an increase in tone.
RechargeWhen you need to fix your batteries.
Signal interferenceFor example, when two detectors are operating too close causing interference and erratic operation.
SilverA silver coin as opposed to a clad coin...usually dated pre-1965.
Sniff ModeA highly specialized feature that can be applied in many unique ways:

1. As a way to quickly adjust your detector to eliminate only one item on the target ID scale.

2. As a way to quickly adjust your detector to accept only one item on the target ID scale.

3. When encountering one type of trash item repeatedly in a particular area, you can reject it while still detecting all other metals.

TargetRefers to any object sensed by the detector.
Target IDTarget Identification, to identify detected metal objects.
TGT. SEL.Target Select. A mode of operation that allows certain metals to be selectively accepted or rejected.
Threshold ToneBarely audible tone set by the TUNER control. Note: The TUNER can be set for--GB Disc. Operation with no loss of sensitivity--some newer models do not have a threshold tone.
VLF(Very Low Frequency) Most detectors today are based on the VLF technology.
WheatieAny penny pre-1959 with the wheat straw symbol on the reverse of the coin.
ZincAny penny dated from 1982 and after. Usually very pitted when dug out of the ground.
Detecting terminology list courtesy of Bounty Hunter Metal Detectors.


Metal Detectors for Sale
Metal Detectors for Sale

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