Prospecting Sand Pans  - SEE VIDEO
Prospecting Sand Pans  - SEE VIDEOProspecting Sand Pans  - SEE VIDEO
Prospecting Sand Pans - SEE VIDEO
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Product Description:

Every prospector needs a bowl to fill. These prospecting bowls are the perfect addition to any prospectors outfit! Use them as a safety pan, to collect gold concentrates, classify different size dredge materials, or even for those times when a "outhouse" isn't readily available. Tough and built to take anything a prospector can dish out!

Regardless of your prospecting method; mining, sluice, high banker, dredge or just simple gold panning, you will want these bowls. Imagine having a compact and custom blue bowl that fits your bucket, your classifier, and your gold pan. It works as a safety pan, classifier bowl, large cereal bowl, *a portable toilet, a black sand container and best of all you can use your large gold pan to work directly out of it.

The "Sand Pan" has a wide lip, and nests perfectly into each other, it's deep enough to hold plenty of water, yet shallow enough to submerge into a trough, which makes it ideal for remote panning. My prospecting pans are in constant use especially for classifying concentrates and keeping them all separate without using large and bulky buckets. Prospecting Sand Pans have been proven in the field where water needed to be brought in to classify and pan and I have even developed some unique panning techniques using this bowl.

If you buy buckets, why not spend a couple of bucks more and get something that you can really use and enjoy. You will get 5 pans and believe me you will probably want more when you see just how useful these are. Something no prospector should be without.

Mini Magnet for Black Sand
Price: $9.95, 2/$17.00

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