Gold Grabber Pan (SEE VIDEO)
Gold Grabber Pan (SEE VIDEO)Gold Grabber Pan (SEE VIDEO)
Gold Grabber Pan (SEE VIDEO)
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The GOLD GRABBER GOLD PAN is available in 2 sizes - a mini and the standard pan. The Gold Grabber is the only gold pan with deep aggressive riffles that can be panned INSIDE a 5 gallon bucket.

The deep bottom ridge and steep sides of the GoldGrabber allows the fines and nuggets to concentrate at the bottom much faster than conventional pans. Just pan as you would any other gold pan down to the heavy concentrates. Then the square bottom allows you to simply tilt the pan forward and backward creating a wave that pulls the lighter material back and leaves the gold in the corner. Available in Blue and Green.

MINI GOLD GRABBER: ($3 LESS) 14" long x 10" wide x 3" deep
Standard GOLD GRABBER: 17" long x 14" wide x 4" deep

Gold Grabber Gold Pan features

1. rounded riffle system for faster rough panning

2. long flat race way in the bottom for a longer gold separating area.

3. The recovery area is textured to a 250 grit finish to help slow small particles of gold .

4. A square dropped back to create a wall to backwash and enhance wave action to trap hard to hold fines and also to aid in final separation

5. the color has been created to just the right darkness of green to spot gold more easily and further help with easier separation

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