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Deluxe Snuffer Bottles
Deluxe Snuffer Bottles Deluxe Snuffer Bottles
Deluxe Snuffer Bottles
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SOLD OUT - please see our basic snuffer sucker bottles and the gold guzzler sucker bottle by Garrett.

There are many snuffer bottles on the market. The cheap ones work fine for occasional use but if you are serious about your gold recovery upgrade to the best suction bottles on the market. You will get a set of two sizes.

COMPARISON: Look at the comparison in the second picture for some of the snuffer bottles that are currently on the market. If you’re an old time prospector you probably have some of these new bottles sitting on a shelf somewhere but you are probably still using your old sucker bottles. The ones that are so stained that you can hardly see the gold in it “BUT THEY STILL WORK!”. If you are a new prospector using one of the newer bottles? You probably can’t see the gold well because there is too much black sand or other material mixed with your gold. The Bottle on the left is the deluxe model - big difference. All of our bottles are the standard “Boston rounds” like everyone else, but that’s the only thing they have in common. Our tubing is very rigged, clear and made with an outside diameter of (.187"OD) and (.125"ID) inside diameter. This is the exact same tubing that we have been using for years. Our black washers were specially machine cut for an exact fit. Even the inside hole was cut 7/100 of an inch smaller then the tubing to keep a tight fit.

What makes a snuffer bottle snuff up the fine gold without a lot of black sands is two things. The first is the tubing. If the tubing is too soft or the ID (inside diameter) is too big? Two things will happen. Either you will suck up way too much black sands or way too much water. The second thing is the seal on the bottle. If the tubing isn’t tightly sealed or the cap doesn’t have a tight seal?, the only thing your going to snuff up is air. For the tubing to work properly, it must be stiff, rigged & have an ID no bigger then .125inches (1/8"). This allows you to pinpoint the gold and snuff only the gold without all the other material around it.

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