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Pocket Sluice Box
Pocket Sluice Box Pocket Sluice Box
Pocket Sluice Box
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Product Description:
SOLD OUT - Please see our new mini sluice box below.

Our new pocket sluice is the perfect size for quick cleanups or for testing material for gold. Well made from durable aluminum.

Description This is a compact sluice box designed for quick samples or cleaning up your concentrates. It measures 12 in long by 3 in wide by 1 1/2 inches high. It weighs only 8 oz and is made out of 1/16 thick aluminum.

Use this compact sluice box to separate your gold from soil by running water over the ribbed rubber matting. The waste material exits and your heavy concentrates and gold remains behind.

For best operation we recommend using a screen sieve to remove large rocks first. If you don't have a sieve screen you can order this same sluice with the expanded metal added (see other listing) for $29.
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NEW  Mini Sluice Box - SALE -NEW Mini Sluice Box - SALE -Our new mini sluice box features 3 distinct gold catching areas.

Buy two and save !

3 Riffle Styles include: traditional Hungarian, "V" Shape, and Square riffles.

Sluice box measures a very compact 12" long by 3" wide. Flare at end is 5.5" wide. Made from TPR Plastic making it lightweight and flexible. Also features a hole at one end of the flare side wall to accommodate a lanyard or other carrying attachment.

Use for quick gold cleanup tasks at home, or in the field to quickly sample an area before setting up larger gold recovery equipment. Also fun to use with younger kids to teach them the principles of gold retention and how a sluice operates.

The trend today in sluice box gold recovery is using separate and distinct riffle or matting systems. Not all gold is the same shape of course. Gold of different shapes and sizes will behave very differently in a sluice. Some coarse pieces will be caught easily in a traditional Hungarian riffle system while other flatter pieces may float more and migrate down and out of your sluice. Using a hybrid sluice design like this one gives you the best chance to maximize your gold recovery for various types of gold. Experiment with different sluice angles and water speeds to find the best combination for your particular gold shape, size and conditions.

Sluice box is Designed with 3 Traditional, Proven Gold Collecting Riffle Patterns. Also see our rubber sluice matting with the same unique riffle patterns.

Availability: Contact us for availability

sngp-sb36ptRegular price: $16.95Sale price: $14.95, 2/$24.00

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