Micro Clean Up Sluice Jr.
Micro Clean Up Sluice Jr.Micro Clean Up Sluice Jr.
Micro Clean Up Sluice Jr.
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Product Description:
The "Micro Sluice Jr." cleanup sluice offers unbeatable gold recovery at a budget price. Concentrates over 30 lbs per hour (2+ gallons) of any preclassified 1/8" mesh or smaller material and retains up to 95% of all visible gold!

Designed by John McCann, a mechanical engineer, the lightweight (3 lbs.) back-packable Micro-Sluice Jr. processes dry or wet concentrates at the rate of over 2 gallons per hour and will retain more than 95% of all visible gold. A high efficiency 400 GPH, marine pump, using only 1.0 amps x 12VDC, allows 30-40 hours of operation on a single car battery. Micro-Sluice Jr. is 100% field portable with 8-10 hours of run time on a motorcycle battery (battery is not included).

The Micro-Sluice Jr. is ideal for dry or desert use as a wet recycler. Up to 1/4 cu.yd. of material can be processed with only 5-10 gals of water via use of the exclusive "float-mounted-pump."

Now an industry standard, our pioneered v-groove rubber mat allows for an instant value check so you can see your gold right away! The Micro-Sluice Jr. patented technology uses a custom molded wide, flat bottom - unlike narrow "rain gutter machines" to assure maximum recovery of all of your gold (we are 50% wider)!

The Micro-sluice Jr. 6" wash-down tube is provided to flush out your gold pan or sample bottle and for final clean out. The float-mounted-pump guarantees no lost gold as tailings can be run through again to check for proper operation. The Micro-Sluice Jr. will reduce up to 1/4 cu. yd. of material into 1-2 tablespoons of "super concentrates" making the final pan clean-up less than 5 minutes. The Micro-Sluice Jr. is the most economical product in the Micro-Sluice concentrator line.

We are the king of the "black sand". Anyone can recover gold from light "blond" sand - we demo with heavy "black" sand and do it better than the competition. Compared with other products which are generally slower, and/or higher priced, the Micro-Sluice Jr. is a superior gold recovery machine in accuracy, speed & value!

Reliability is a hallmark of all of the products made by Micro-Sluice Gold Products. Over 3,600 Micro-Sluice units have been sold in 16 countries over the last fourteen years!

Micro-Sluice Jr. has a full one year limited warranty

Includes: bucket scoop, hose adapter, and float pump kit.

Shipping one micro sluice jr. runs about $20-$35 in the USA on average.

Please note: Due to high demand, Micro Sluice products are built upon order and usually ship direct from the mfg. Other items in your order may be shipped separately and may arrive on different a day. Be sure to note the lead time for this product next to the order button. Lead times do not include shipment travel time.

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