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Micro Sluice FAQ

There are four different "Micro Sluice" black sand gold concentrator models to choose from! One for every use and budget.

View all micro-sluice models below. See optional add-ons and accessories list at bottom of page.

Micro-Sluice Gold Concentrators are among the finest gold recovery equipment available on the market. They offer hand-made products crafted from quality materials that perform to your highest expectations.

The Micro-Sluice Gold Products line has no equal in terms of accuracy, speed and cost effectiveness.

Some of the most common questions about Micro-Sluice Black Sand Concentrators:

Q: How does the Micro-Sluice work?

A: The Micro-Sluice utilizes a feed hopper into which water is automatically added. The resulting slurry exits through drain holes in a consistent manner. The material then pass over a classifier plate with small holes to capture the finest materials. Then the slurry passes over a riffle system that utilizes a vee-grooved rubber mat pioneered by Micro-Sluice Gold Products to capture even the finest gold. A built-in angle indicator guarantees the correct angle of the sluice and repeatable results.

Q: Why is this system better than wheels, bowls, look a likes, etc.?

A: In a word, EFFICIENCY! If you define efficiency as accuracy multiplied by speed divided by cost (AxS/C), the Micro-Sluice is a clear leader. We are 50% less than the cost of a wheel, 10X the speed of a bowl or "gutter" tubes and we are more accurate than either (up to 99.4%)!

Q: 99.4%! How can you make such a claim?

A: Fair Question. In 1990, John McCann struck a pay streak on the Trinity River. He and his partner recovered 1,374 grains of gold (nearly 3 ounces) in 10 working days. Each day they did a clean up from their 6" dredge. Each time about 50 pounds (2-1/2 gallons) of black sand concentrates were processed through a Micro-Concentrator (with a HFBE Vibrator). Once completed they ran the entire 500 pounds through again to evaluate for losses. All they recovered was 3.5 grains more! (Note that the gold was as fine as 80 mesh.) He documented the tests and has provided them to me. I have duplicated these results on much smaller quantities.

Q: Can I expect to have problems with a Micro-Sluice product?

A: While no one can absolutely guarantee 100% reliability, we do offer a full one year warranty against defects in materials or workmanship. In addition, we use only the best materials in the manufacturing process. Our sluices, for instance, are precision molded from heavy, 3/16" high impact plastic (other products use thin aluminum or thin plastic). Additionally, we have only one moving part!

Now after 20 years and over 3,600 units sold in 16 countries, Micro-Sluice is known worldwide. Quality products for recreational prospectors and serious miners alike.

OPTIONAL SUPPORT EQUIPMENT PRICE LIST (email us to add any of these to your order).

$39.95 -1250 GPH Replacement Pump Use with the Micro-Sluice Concentrator or Micro-Sluice 2

Enhanced Operation Accessories

$69.00 - Micro-Moss Extender Assembly (Extender, 12" Expanded Metal Grizzly, Micro-Moss Pads, 3 - Stainless Steel Retaining Rods

$69.00 - HFBE Vibrator Use on the Micro-Sluice 1

$18.50 - Micro-Concentrator Punch Plate Assembly (1/16 th in. holes)

$89.00 - HFBE Vibrator (Heavy-Duty) Use on the Micro-Concentrator or Micro-Sluice 2

$15.00 - Double Hose Adapter (Micro-Concentrator, Micro-Sluice 2)

$11.00 - Tailings Filter bag (for Micro-Sluice 1)

$ 7.50 - Single Hose Adapter (use on Micro-Sluice 1, Micro-Sluice Jr.)

$ 5.00 - Tailings Scoop

Additional (optional) Equipment

$23.75 - Pair Long Slotted Legs (Back Legs)

$16.25 - Pair Short Legs (Front)

$15.00 - Pump Bucket with plates

$13.00 - Tailing Bucket with overflow drain & 12" drain pipe

$12.00 - Expanded Metal Grizzly 8-1/4"x11-1/4" (for Extender)

$11.50 - V-Mat 19" (Use on the Micro-Concentrator or Micro-Sluice Two)

$ 7.75 - Expanded Metal Grizzly 6-1/8"x8-1/4" (Hi-Banker Insert)

$ 7.00 - V-Mat 12" (Use on the Micro-Concentrator or Micro-Sluice Two)

$ 4.00 - 3 Ft. Long 3/4" Section Bilge Hose

$ 4.00 - Mesh (1/4") 8-3/16" width x 9-l/2"length

$ 3.50 - Micro-Moss Extender Replacement Pads (2)

(Please email us to add any of the above optional items to your order).

Micro Clean Up Sluice Jr.
Micro Sluice 1 Concentrator w/ Vibrator
Micro Sluice 2 Concentrator
Micro Clean Up Sluice Jr.

Regular price: $175.00
Sale price: $134.95
Micro Sluice 1 Concentrator w/ Vibrator

Regular price: $289.00
Sale price: $259.00
Micro Sluice 2 Concentrator

Regular price: $399.00
Sale price: $364.95
Micro-Concentrator - Heavy Duty
Micro-Concentrator - Heavy Duty

Regular price: $559.00
Sale price: $514.00

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