Garrett Scorpion Stinger  (SOLD OUT)
Garrett Scorpion Stinger  (SOLD OUT)Garrett Scorpion Stinger  (SOLD OUT)
Garrett Scorpion Stinger (SOLD OUT)
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Product Description:
Garrett Scorpion Gold Stinger Detector has been replaced by the new Garrett AT Gold Detector. It is perfect for finding gold nuggets. Find hidden placer deposits rich gold ore veins and of course gold nuggets.

The Scorpion Gold Stinger is the cure for today's gold fever! Its world renowned 15kHz Groundhog® circuitry has the power to penetrate through heavily mineralized soils to locate nuggets, placer, float and ore veins. Use it when prospecting to sample ore and check "hot rocks" with ease and dependability. Choose between Non Motion All-Metal operation, Motion Discriminate for coin searching or true TR Discrimination to accurately identify or grade conductive ore with the flip of a switch.

The Scorpion Gold Stinger will help eliminate false signals by iron rocks, fool's gold, non-conductive specimens or low-grade silver ore! Whoever said gold fever was cured never used the Garrett Scorpion.

15Khz Groundhog circuitry Can penetrate through heavily mineralized ground Locates nuggets, placer, float and ore veins

Features: All-Metal Deepseeking Mode Audio Threshold, Adjustable Discrimination: Full Range Headphone Jack Sensitivity / Depth Adjustment Speaker Surface Mount PC Board Technology

Metal Detector Specifications: Length: 42" to 51" - Adjustable Weight: 3.3 lbs. (1.5 kgs.) Single Frequency Operation - 15 kHz 3 - 9V batteries

Search Modes: Non Motion All Metal Motion Discriminate Calibrated TR Discriminate

Settings: Ground Balance - 10 turn Discrimination 10-Turn Audio Threshold Sensitivity


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Sold OutNugget Busters Headphones
Price: $129.00

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