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Garrett GTI 2500 Metal Detector 9.5" coil
Garrett GTI 2500 Metal Detector 9.5" coilGarrett GTI 2500 Metal Detector 9.5" coilGarrett GTI 2500 Metal Detector 9.5" coil
Garrett GTI 2500 Metal Detector 9.5" coil
Item #:g1120570
Regular price:$1,235.24
Sale price:$1,049.95
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Product Description:
Garrett GTI 2500 Metal Detector

Garrett Imaging with Treasure Vision provides true depth / size grid with GTA conductivity and notch discrimination.

True All-Metal Deepseeking mode provides superior detection depth with Visual Target ID.

Power Master circuitry with Onboard DSP (digital signal processing).

Includes: 9.5" PROformance™ Imaging submersible searchcoil (as shown) Instructional GTI 2500 DVD. Garrett Exclusive Graphic Target Imaging™ (GTI) shows actual SIZE and DEPTH of target. This allows you to spend less time digging trash and more time digging treasure.

“The GTI 2500 is truly a professional-quality detector that offers above average performance while not requiring complicated adjustments that would “scare off” less-seasoned detectorists. Even a novice with a few hours of practice can search hunted-out sites with confidence and recover targets that others have missed. The increased detection depth in even the most adverse ground conditions make it worthy of a close look before you purchase any new detector. ” — Andy Sabisch, Lost Treasure

“Versatile is the one word I would choose to describe the Garrett GTI 2500, mostly due to the multiple abilities it possesses. As the features and performance of this metal detector are discovered, one begins to appreciate the range of talents included in its repertoire.

“A new detectorist can pick up the GTI 2500 and with the push of one button, begin to hunt for treasure using this top-of-the-line machine…Yet the abundance of useful features available should make even the most seasoned hunter smile…The programming design is nothing short of amazing, in that I can scroll through every feature and setting within seconds.” — Ben Myers, Western and Eastern Treasures

Who knows what treasures lie beneath your feet? Unearth your own piece of history and take up a hobby that could very well pay for itself with a few good finds: metal detecting. The GTI 2500 metal detector is Garrett's top-of-the-line model, with all the bells and whistles. Using the device's Elimination control, one can set the detector to ignore typical trash items and hit only on specific metal types, thus eliminating useless digging for buried junk. The metal detector includes a collar that cups your upper arm and steadies the search coils at the bottom of the device. The control panel, located conveniently above the cushioned hand-grip, includes an impressive LCD screen that indicates the depth, tentative identity, size, and location of found metal items. In addition, the screen is back-lit, allowing you to continue your treasure hunt after dark.

Garrett GTI 2500 Review:

This is an incredibly powerful detector, the 2500 does have its detractors some say it is to heavy or it hits false targets but it does not,and there are people that just do not like this detector or its features, I thought the same thing until I looked at the area it was falsing on I used a rare earth magnet and discovered I was hitting some very small rusty galvanized nails and very small pieces of wire copper and iron so if you were looking for coins you would get a good signal and no coins, alot of newer hunters would think there was something wrong with the 2500 when in fact it is doing an exceptional job of finding what is in the ground, I have ran this detector in every mode and own every coil made for this versatile unit, I have ran placer gold across the search coil in coin mode and the 2500 nailed it as a good target when my Minelab Eureka gold did not even see the gold, the 2500 can also change the frequency between 1khz and 8khz that is impressive, this can be a turn on and go machine or you can tweek the heck of it to match the ground you are working, it has all metal mode with manual and automatic ground balance, backlight, pinpoint, last mode recall, true depth and size of detected target, most targets are not that deep, less than 6 inches and in all metal mode the 2500 goes extremely deep, the more I use this detector the more I find to like about it, Garrett does have a very good service department."

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