Treasure Mate Pinpointer  (SOLD OUT)
Treasure Mate Pinpointer  (SOLD OUT)Treasure Mate Pinpointer  (SOLD OUT)Treasure Mate Pinpointer  (SOLD OUT)Treasure Mate Pinpointer  (SOLD OUT)
Treasure Mate Pinpointer (SOLD OUT)
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Product Description:
The Treasure Mate Pinpointer is "The Last Gold Pinponter You Will Ever Have to Buy!"

Limited Lifetime Warranty; Manufactured by Tesoro Electronics a name you can trust for quality gold prospecting equipment. If you are looking for depth in a gold and metal pinpointer, you need a Treasure Mate!

For a limited time: The TREASURE MATE comes with a holster, treasure pouch and coupon for two free issues of the International California Mining Journal. Offer limited to supply on hand and may expire without notice.

Field tests coming in very positive for the TREASURE MATE Pin pointer. Designed to find small gold nuggets, coins and relics. Makes pinpointing easy and it is getting excellent depth in mineralized ground conditions.

SPECIFICATIONS FREQUENCY: 16.5khz COIL: 3/8" coax SIGNAL: (1)LED and Speaker (2) LED and Vibrator SETTINGS: Ground Balance and Tuning Controls BATTERY: 9 Volt BATTERY LIFE: 30~50 Hours WEIGHT: 6 Ounces TEMPERATURE RANGE: 30~100 Degrees F HUMIDITY: 0~70% MODE: All Metal, Variable Range Tuneing WARRANTY: Limited Lifetime Warranty Typical RETAIL PRICE: $189.00-$220

INSTRUCTIONS FOR TREASURE MATE Detector Thank you for choosing the Treasure Mate for your pinpointing and prospecting tool. These instructions will help you get started on the right path. With any type of electronic device, there is a learning curve. The Treasure Mate has a simple learning curve for coin hunting. The Ground Balance knob (GB) and Tuning knob (TUNE) should be turned to the far left. Air balancing or ground balancing to the ground will find deeper and smaller targets.


Install the one 9-volt battery to the battery lead. You need to make a decision here if you want to hunt with the LED light and speaker or the LED light and vibrator mode before you secure the battery door, because the selector switch is inside the battery compartment. At this time you flip the switch to your preferred mode! Finish installing the battery door by tightening the screws snug but not too tight. The battery door is located in the kit. There are 4 spare screws for the battery door that are provided in your Treasure Mate kit.

GETTING STARTED with the pin-pointer

The Treasure Mate has 3 controls. One Ground Balance knob (GB) one Tuning knob (TUNE) and an ON/OFF switch. The ON/OFF switch is a rocker switch with a red dot. When the red dot is down, the Treasure Mate is on. The GB knob is like any detector that has the capability of adjusting to the minerals in the ground. Balancing to the ground will set it up for the smaller targets. To air balance you turn the GB knob and TUNE knob towards the "+" (plus) sign then, back off towards the "-" (minus) sign until the Treasure Mate becomes stable. That's all! Air balancing is all that is needed for coin and relic hunting. Ground balancing to the ground by pumping it and adjust so it beeps or vibrates just slightly towards the ground. The tuning knob is for outside interference. Turning the TUNE knob towards the "+" sign will cause the Treasure Mate to beep or vibrate and backing off the knob towards the "-" until the Treasure Mate is stable.


The Treasure Mate was designed to probe small gold nuggets. The GB and TUNE knobs will be beneficial in balancing the Treasure Mate to the minerals in the dirt. Ground balancing is a must for locating small pieces of gold. The Treasure Mate can be used in your gold pan and in black sand. This probe will be ideal for prospecting cracks in bedrock, locating veins in mines and to help locate your nuggets in dirt after detecting your nugget target with your primary detector. It also can detect other minerals in rocks.


The probe is waterproof up to but not including the knobs. Do not use the Treasure Mate as a pry bar.

The Treasure Mate can handle pushing and probing in loose dirt. Use caution in very hard packed material. The placement of the GB, TUNE and ON/OFF knobs are in easy reach with one hand operation. If the Treasure Mate is not to be used over a long period of time it is best to remove the battery.

Send your stories of your great finds to us! We might use them for future advertising (with your permission).

HAPPY HUNTING and thank you for purchasing a Treasure Mate.

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