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(SOLD OUT)  Gold Nugget-Teering in Northern California By Delos Toole
(SOLD OUT) Gold Nugget-Teering in Northern California By Delos Toole
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"Gold Nugget-Teering In Northern California" relates to the Klamath Mountain region along with its placer gravel areas that are hosted by the many rivers and creeks. List of GPS locations for abandoned old mines give the reader a jump start for exacting locations of old mine ore debris aprons. These old ore dumps host material extracted from the mineral veins that the old timer didn't recognize as valuable rare-earth metals.

Maps run through the book with old mine locations showing their long. & lat. positions where a GPS receiver is paramount for their locations. In the wilds of the Klamath Mountain region a GPS receiver is a necessity to keep from getting lost in the heavily forested canopy.

Counties of the area are listed with place names of old mines along with their Map locations. Description of their extracted minerals and approximate directions to their hold on earth. Topographic maps are named for the reader's convenience to follow up on additional research for the area shown.

Maps showing areas of interest giving the metal detectorist a way in to search the hundreds of abandoned tailings, ore dumps, old mining camps and water-runs. Maps appear on practically every page of the book, "Gold Nugget-Teering In California".

Maps of Old Mines, rivers, old placer locations have sections, Tier, Range listed for locating convenience. Old mining districts are named and their locations cited with descriptive information about the area. Such as for example the old Liberty-Black Bear placer mining district region at Sec. 13, T. 39N., R 12W.

Old gold mines in quartz as example: Baker mine in Sec. 15, T. 44N., R. 9W; in Siskiyou County: Bonda Mine in Humboldt County at GPS lat. 41.323 N and GPS long. 123.527W: Bonanza Mine: in Trinity County at Sec. 9, T. 35N., R11W: Elevator mine, Trinity County, (tailings) at GPS Sec. 5, T. 36N., R. 7W.

Metal detecting the areas for gold nugget placements and undiscovered mineral vein surface outcropping is the new Millennium way to prospect.
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