Fisher F75 Metal Detector - see videos!
Fisher F75 Metal Detector - see videos!
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The F75 metal detector by Fisher is a Multi-purpose metal detector: ideal for gold prospecting, relic hunting, coin-shooting, and meteorite hunting. It was even recently featured on the new hit tv show: Meteorite Men! See below for reviews and test reports of the amazing F75 in action. It's trusted by pros.

The F-75 metal detector is one of the lightest and best balanced of any high-performance, multi-purpose metal detector with an LCD display and easy to understand “Target I.D.” The arm rest is comfortably positioned above the controls and adjustable to fit your arm, while the grip is made from durable, high-friction foam.

The model we’re featuring comes standard with an 11” Bi-axial search coil. It’s versatile and deep-seeking, making it effective for any type of detecting. Because it is waterproof you can submerge this coil into either salt or fresh water without any adverse affect on the operation of the detector – this is perfect for hunting in the shallow waters of beaches and rivers as well as on land!

The back lit LCD display of the F-75 keeps the entire menu visible at all times. This is one of the most informative interfaces on any metal detector and features information on the battery condition, Target I.D., ground mineralization, target depth and even help messages! The F-75 also features a “reset function” which will allow you to save settings you input, even after the detector has been turned off.

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F75 Product Specifications & Features

Light weight and well-balanced: best ergonomically engineered detector in the industry.
Intuitive menu-driven user interface
Large LCD screen
Trigger-actuated FASTGRAB™
Multiple Search Modes
Waterproof 11-inch open-frame BiAxia l™
Trigger-actuated target pinpointing with variable audio pitch
Fully Adjustable Arm Rest
Display back light for night and low-light conditions
Notch and discrimination controls
Covers provided for both the control housing and battery box
5 year Limited Fisher Warranty

F75 from Slade Video on Vimeo.

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