Fisher Gold Bug Pro
Fisher Gold Bug ProFisher Gold Bug Pro
Fisher Gold Bug Pro
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5" COIL MODEL IN STOCK. Dual coil model is a special order.

The Fisher GOLD BUG Pro was designed from the ground up to excel at finding the smallest gold nuggets even in highly mineralized soil. Quick and easy push button ground balancing - very lightweight - you can swing all day with minimal strain.

The Fisher Gold Bug PRO Metal Detector features a highly sensitive 5 DD Search Coil. Small search coils like this one are intended for gold prospecting, they are designed specifically for precision pinpointing of very small gold nuggets. Ideal for searching bedrock cracks and crevices and in and around tight spots like tree roots and bushes. A larger optional 11 inch coil is also available for the unit.

Recommended for: Gold Nugget shooting / Prospecting but it finds coins with ease too.

Fisher metal detectors are renowned for their sensitivity to small gold nuggets - and the introduction of their newest Gold-Bug will be no different - a top notch gold nugget detector at a bargain price.


Fisher Labs is proud to introduce their newest offering: the "GOLD BUG PRO ". The engineers at Fisher have been busy designing one of the most sensitive new gold detectors to ever be offered by Fisher and at a very affordable price. Don't let its small size fool you because it will find the smallest gold nuggets even in highly mineralized soils! The Gold Bug's small 5 inch DD search coil will effectively cancel out most adverse ground conditions and the gold prospector can monitor the ground phase and ground mineralization. Fully computerized to give optimum results in all soils!

More than a Hot Gold Machine, the little Gold Bug will make adjustments a snap with many user intuitive features. When you're not in the Gold fields simply change modes and you will be ready for coin shooting and even relic and treasure hunting. You will not find a deeper, easier to use light weight gold detector today for finding gold nuggets.

New Features:

Super easy push button ground balancing
Powerful 19 kHz operation for great sensitivity to small gold nuggets
All-metal and discriminate search modes
Separate Threshold and Gain adjustments

More Fisher Gold Bug Pro Features:

Finds the smallest gold nuggets in highly mineralized soils
V-Break TM; Industry's First Variable Breakpoing tone discrimination system

Computerized Ground Grab TM
Real-Time computerized ground balancing
V.C.O. Audio in All Metal & Discrimination Mode
Independent control over Treshold & Gain
Continuous Ground Condition Readouts
Ground Phase value indicates type of mineralization
Fe3O4 graphic indicates amount of mineralization
Static Pinpoint with depth indicator
Dual Headphone Jacks
19kHz Operating Frequency
Simple User Interface
Ultra-Lightweight (2.5 lbs)

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