Finding Gold with "Sluice Box Sean"  DVD  (SOLD OUT)
Finding Gold with "Sluice Box Sean" DVD (SOLD OUT)
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(SOLD OUT) Gold Prospecting DVD / Video

Please also see the acclaimed dvd by Dave McCracken called: Modern Mining Techniques for a great all around video covering all aspects of prospecting for gold.

Designed for beginners desiring to learn more about the basics of sluicing for gold. More advanced info on sluicing can be found in the Modern Mining Techniques dvd by McCracken (see below).

Finding Gold With Sluicebox Sean is a video functioning as an informational guide for hobbyists and serious gold prospectors. It compliments his book "Finding Gold in Washington State: 2005-6 Edition" It answers the WHO/WHAT/WHERE/WHEN/WHY & HOW of finding, recovering, and profiting from gold while recreational prospecting. Additionally, the video demonstrates a variety of gold panning equipment and how to use it. Sean discusses where gold has been found in the United States, as well as good places to look for gold-bearing deposits. Suggestions on responsible care of the environment and following Department of Fisheries rules are also covered. At the end of the video Sean actually finds a nugget. Narrated by Sluicebox Sean, this colorful DVD video is a "must see" for gold prospecting enthusiasts and hobbyists. Made in the U.S.A. All rights reserved One person wrote a review as follows: "Finding Gold with Sluicebox Sean" presents the intriguing proposition that discovering gold is easily within the capabilities of an average individual. Armed with a simple and well-laid-out procedures and rules of thumb as described, even an individual with no prior prospecting knowledge should be able to experience the thrill of finding gold." One of the keys, of course, is knowing where to look. Sean Taeschner's video does an excellent job of clearly explaining which locations and conditions present the best opportunities for discovering gold.

DVD Review: If you, like I, want to know how to find gold, where do you start? What do you need to know before you go? Where do you go? What do you need to take with you? Where do you look? What do you look for when you get there? and why there? What do you do now, once you located the sites bearing the hallmarks? And exactly how do you do it?

Sluicebox Sean answers all these questions and more, teaching, showing and demonstrating at several sites exactly what to look for, do and how to do it. These hands-on real demonstrations are invaluable and are very confidence-building for locating and recovering gold. Sean emphasizes sensitivity to, and caring for, both the environment and other people. Safety concerns for working in rivers are thoughtfully, sensibly emphasized. Sean imparts valuable knowledge throughout the video on how gold gets to where he shows you to find it. It was an eye-opener to me to learn how easy it is to find gold. The camera work was a bit unsteady, but the information and the way it was delivered sensitively, informatively and with calm strength was the work of an exceptional educator.

My overall impression after watching the video was , "Wow! even I can do this; even I have a very high probability of being successful finding gold." This video was totally exciting. We have now located several spots that we are pretty excited about, just from this video.

DVD Review:Gold panning has tantalized many a person including myself who has tried his or her luck and skill in the hope of striking it rich. The final product is consistently in demand at a relatively stable price. Historically, however, one must be advised that rewards for the majority of small-scale miners...those who operate "on a shoestring"...have been depressingly small.

First of all, the gold prospector must know where gold deposits are located and he must have the technical knowledge to recover the gold as Sean Taeschner shows in his video. Additionally, he must face problems of land ownership, water supply, and water pollution, all of which have grown in complexity with the population. "Finding Gold With Sluice Box Sean" shows you the do's and dont's.

To the novice or "weekend prospector," the more complex features of gold panning may seem hard to comprehend. At any rate, the novice is often more interested in the recreational values offered by gold prospecting than in its profitability. Thus, the search for and discovery of even a small grain or nugget of gold is an achievement worth considerable effort. As a start, the beginner will definitely gain some benefit from Sluice Box Sean's video or book as I did.

The small-scale miner may sell his gold, but often he keeps it as a souvenir or for use in some kind of jewelry, or in the hope that its value will appreciate. Seldom is a placer gold venture truly profitable when all costs are considered under existing circumstances. On the other hand, an individual or a family can gain a great deal of pleasure and satisfaction from the experience of producing your own gold. Producing your own, even on a small scale, involves a number of problems, which Sean's video attempts to discuss.

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