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15 LED Hurricane Lantern - Long Life!  (Sold Out)
15 LED Hurricane Lantern - Long Life! (Sold Out)
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- SOLD OUT - 15 LED Green Hurricane Lantern with Dimmer function.

Imagine... you're sitting at home one night when all of a sudden the power goes out! What do you grab? A kerosene lantern? No, too messy and smelly. That flashlight in the kitchen drawer? Uh oh! dead batteries!

Well...No more worries because this handy LED Hurricane Lantern is equipped with 15 LED bulbs, that's right 15! This little lantern can illuminate the darkest of rooms, it even works great outdoors! The adjustable dimmer switch allows for multiple levels of brightness...from very dim (for a cozy glowing light), to bright.

Ideal for emergencies, camping and boating, barns, patio lighting atmosphere, party lighting. And due to the plastic globe, it makes for a safe and fun night light for children.

• 15 Super Bright White LED Bulbs • Height 9-1/2” • Plastic Casing • Metal Body • Dimmer Switch to Adjust Brightness • Requires 2D Batteries (Batteries Not Included) • Shrink Wrapped


I took this lantern camping last weekend and used it all four nights on the same batteries. I love the dimming ability and even had to use it to gather more kindling in the middle of the night. Perfect quality and an excellent price!

LED Hurricane Lantern Options:

Colors may vary from red, green, silver, black, or blue: please select your preferred color from the drop down menu above. Color choice is not guaranteed, but if in stock we'll send the one you choose.
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