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6" Power Sluice Set Up Kit
6" Power Sluice Set Up Kit
Item #:rdmpss
Regular price:$299.95
Availability:Usually ships in 2-3 weeks
Product Description:
A bargain priced Power Sluice Setup Kit W/ 800 gph pump. See below for additional pump info.


The RDH Prospecting Power Sluice Setup Kit include's a 32"L x 6"W sluice , 8" x 6" x 6" header box, 8.5" x 24" sluice stand , 12 volt 800-gph pump , 4 feet of 3/4" hose.

Crafted from strong .080 gauge 5052 aircraft aluminum, which is light weight. Aluminum construction makes it easier to use a magnet to remove the black sand build up.

The unique elongated 45 degree z-riffles are great for trapping gold. The riffle cage is also aluminum. Ribbed matting for fast gold ID is up top and down below is expanded metal over ribbed miner's carpet. The expanded metal helps keeps the gold in the box and prevents the rocks from knocking it loose.

These components make for a great value power sluice. Add a recovery tub (not included) to make a power sluice recirculating system.

Versatile kit is designed to be used as a sluice or a highbanker.

A similar power sluice set up is also available separately in a larger size measuring 10"w x 48" l.

Power Sluice Setup Instructions:

1. Attach the legs on the stand so that the front legs are shorter than the back legs. There should be about 3 or 4 inches more height above the leg bracket than the front. This should provide an approximate 15 degree slope, or one inch per foot of drop. Check the water flow over the riffles and note how the black sand and blonde sands are clearing. Adjust the stand higher or lower as needed - 1 inch per foot of drop is a good starting place but does not work for every situation.

Tip: many modern phones include a handy angle indicator built into it. On the iphone it is in the compass feature. If your phone does not have an angle indicator many free apps are available to download.

2. Unbolt the flare and set it aside.

3. Bolt on the header box in the same place where you took off the flare.

4. Place the sluice with the header box on the stand with the end without the header box under the slot on the stand. There are also side supports on the sluice stand.

5. Place the pump in a bucket and then submerge in a stream, or you may also use in a tub filled with water if you prefer using it indoors.

6. If using with a tub, place it under the discharge end of the sluice and use a catch basin or second smaller tub to catch the waste material so debris does not foul the pump.

Additional Pump info: all measurements are approximate. The charge state and capacity of your battery may affect performance.

At Design Voltage 13.6 VDC, GPH Output : At 0 feet lift : 800gph
At 3.3 feet lift : 660gph

At Nominal Voltage 12.0 VDC, GPH Output :
At 0 feet lift: 760gph At 3.3 feet lift : 600gph

Please note: these units are made upon order and usually go out within 1-3 weeks. However, they can occasionally take longer than quoted due to mfg work load, or parts shortages. If you need delivery by a certain date be sure to inform us when ordering. Once order is placed and fabrication begins orders cannot be cancelled without a restocking fee.

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