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Wool Blanket - Heavy Weight 3lb!
Wool Blanket - Heavy Weight 3lb!Wool Blanket - Heavy Weight 3lb!
Wool Blanket - Heavy Weight 3lb!
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Product Description:
This isn't one of those cheap throw away low wool content blankets. This is a heavy weight full 60 to 70% wool blend, sure to keep you warm and last for years.

Large Size: 60 x 80 inches

• Color : Gray or black

• 60 to 70% Heavy Wool Blend

• Weight : 3 Lbs

Perfect in case of an emergency. Get several and store them in your car, at work, and at home.

•Stay Warm in Emergencies

Stock up on several of these Wool Blend Blankets to ensure you family is safe in any emergency.

•Perfect for Camping

Tired of those miserable cold nights? Take along a few of these Wool Blend blankets to keep you cozy and take out the chill. Few things are worse than being cold and miserable during an emergency or any type or disaster. Keep your family safe and warm during times of difficulty and wrap them up in a nice, cozy Wool Blend Blanket.

At 80"x60", there's plenty of coverage to even reach down to your toes.

If you are looking for extra warmth during your next outdoor trip, be sure to bring along one or two of these blankets.

Note: you may wish to air out the blankets or wash them before first use, to remove any residual odor from the manufacturing process.

Machine Washable in cold water.

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