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WetFire Tinder Tube of 8 Cubes
WetFire Tinder Tube of 8 CubesWetFire Tinder Tube of 8 Cubes
WetFire Tinder Tube of 8 Cubes
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Product Description:
WetFire Tinder - Burns even when wet!!

Burns longer when wet

Burns at over 1300 degrees yet cools instantly

Eight individually packed cubes in a solid leak proof formula

Reusable - snuff it out when done and you can reuse unburned portion.

review: have made my own tinder from boxes and paraffin, dryer lint and cotton balls with some variety of combustible substance soaked into them then stored in an air tight container. Sure, all of them were a lot cheaper but none of them were as sure to make a fire for me as this stuff is and that is what counts. One cube will start a lot of fires, all it takes are some shavings off of one, which you can do easily with a sharp knife. Then a single spark makes these things go, even soaking wet. If all the wood and tinder is also soaked and hard to get going, use a whole cube, which stays burning a long time, and this will dry the wood a bit for you and make it all go.

Honestly, nothing makes you feel better when you are lost and lonely than a good, hot fire. Nothing I have found to date can assure me of making one like these little cubes. They are also compact and easy to keep a couple of in your kit, this means a lot of fire in a small space. These are well worth the money in my opinion.

Shipping Note:This item is stocked in a different warehouse than some of our other items. It is in high demand and subject to back-order. To speed delivery, we may ship this item separately from other items on your order. We will rush it out as quickly as possible but please allow some extra time for delivery.
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