Sluice Magnet - (SOLD OUT)
Sluice Magnet - (SOLD OUT) Sluice Magnet - (SOLD OUT) Sluice Magnet - (SOLD OUT) Sluice Magnet - (SOLD OUT)
Sluice Magnet - (SOLD OUT)
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Please see our other magnets below.

UPDATE: unfortunately due to rapidly rising prices of rare earth magnets, we have had to temporarily discontinue offering this item. We will bring it back when prices normalize.

The Heavy Hitter Sluice Magnet REDUCES YOUR MAGNETITE BY UP TO 70%+ BEFORE CLEAN UP - it works on most sluice boxes, small dredges, hibankers, and even dry washers!

We stock 10" magnets as they fit most standard sluice boxes. Other sizes are available by special order for 5" to 9.5" inch wide size sluice boxes. Custom larger magnets may be ordered by phone as well.

Please specify length. Standard default choice is 10".

6.5" fits Keene A51A.

9" model fits many dry washers and Jobe folding sluice.

10" standard size fits most brands including: Keene A51 and A52, Jobe 6503 and 6504 Yellow Jacket hand sluices, RDH, Buckabilly, and Proline sluices. Please measure your sluice box before ordering for needed width.

How the sluice magnet works:

The patented HEAVY HITTER pulls the majority of magnetite out of the sluice box BEFORE reaching the riffles by utilizing powerful RARE EARTH magnets inside a durable plastic housing for easy cleaning.

Less magnetite means easier gold recovery as well as richer concentrates!

The HEAVY HITTER is the first magnet to be mounted ABOVE the material as it passes through to the riffles. The magnetite is attracted to the magnet, particle by particle, as the gold passes through to be trapped in the riffles.

Simply take it out, clean it off, and run more material for up to 70+% reduction at the stream! Run the rest of the concentrates through a concentrator with a HEAVY HITTER installed and up to 99% of magnetite can be removed.

1: Measure the width of your sluice box and order the size you need. Use the waterproof self adhesive clips to mount the magnet about 1" to 2" above the material flowing underneath.

2: The strongest magnetic field is located by a "flat" part of the magnet. Just remember.... "FLAT SIDE DOWN"

The water action will break up the material and suspend the magnetite making it easier for the magnet to attract. This way, very little gold will be left in the magnetite. Since it is separated BEFORE the riffles, there is no need for other magnets that disrupts the "eddy" losing precious gold or magnetizing any steel riffles.

3: As magnetite builds up about 1/4" to 1/2" on the magnet, Simply take it out, slide the magnetite off, snap it back in, then run more material!




The Heavy Hitter utilizes Neodymium (Rare Earth) magnets with up to 34# of pull, which are up to 10-15 times as strong as regular ceramic magnets. These are very expensive magnets as I buy them in bulk to keep costs down. These should not be taken apart as the smaller magnets inside could be swallowed by children causing serious damage! These magnets should be kept away from PACE MAKERS, digital components, wallets/credit cards, and other products that a strong magnetic field could interfere.

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